Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Cautious Sigh of Relief

So, Obama has won a second term. Becoming the first half black president to serve a second term.

Romney conceded after an hour and a half of keeping us on the edge of our seats.

                                                             "I see you shiver with antici............... pation!"

The POTUS is giving his victory speech as I am writing this.

The Blog gathers that Congress will still, pretty much look the same. So, unless the president knocks off the "reaching across the aisle" shit and starts kicking some ass, we can probably count on another four years of obstructionist gridlock from The House. We will know the final numbers on that tomorrow.

In the two hours since the election was called, we have already heard Karl Rove and Donald Trump whine like little bitches. We can count of more of that in the ensuing days.

Here is a brief look back at the past 18 hours or so...

On my way to work this morning, I passed my polling place and saw a line around the building a full hour and a half before the polls opened.

When I went to vote at 2:30 PM, the line was still out the door.

The Blog has been voting in presidential elections since the first time Ronald Reagan ran. The Blog has never had to wait for any length of time to vote. Not even in 2008.

Today's turnout was like nothing I have ever seen.

The Blog would like to thank his mother state, Ohio, for stepping up and voting for their best interests.

Finally, as your Uncle PC was driving to his voting place this afternoon, he found himself behind the last, wild eyed optimist in America.

                                                           The Blog thinks that Libertarians are so adorable!

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  1. If Congress continues with their school-yard BS obstructionism then I sincerely hope President Obama hands them their collective ass. It would really be something, though, if people learned a thing or two tonight and decided to grow up and work together. I'd love to see constituents of these Congressmen ALSO step up if their elected officials start playing around again.