Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bonus Post: Only in L.A. Edition

"This is the city. Los Angeles, California."

Where it seems like, all over the Greater Los Angeles area, one election day or another is always imminent.

There never seems to be a time in L.A. that the front yards, median strips, business windows and light poles aren't littered with campaign signs.

"Vote for Joe Blow for City Council."

"Re-elect Mayor Jackson Wanker."

And so on and etc.

One would think that Los Angeles and it's suburbs could pull their shit together and hold all of their elections on the same day of the same month, then give it a rest for a year or two.

But no.

The campaigning goes on and on.

Which brings The Blog to the point of this post.

Political campaigns aside...

Another campaign is looming in Los Angeles.

                                                               The Emmy™ Awards.

And on his way to work, yesterday...

                                             The PC spotted these signs in someone's yard.

Now, production companies always take out ads in "the trades" and put up billboards around L.A.

"For Your Consideration!!!"

Companies send DVDs of shows out to anyone in "The Industry" who might, possibly, be Academy voters.


Academy voters are, a sort of, secret society. 

Like The Illuminatti.

Or gay Republicans.

So, production companies send their "For Your Consideration" promos at any and every possible voter.

It is one of the perks of being in "The Industry."

*End Digression*

But, until yesterday, The Blog has never seen yard signs.

Based on the neighborhood that this yard is in, the owner is either...

.... a writer...

... a producer...

... or, most likely...

(based on the one thing these two shows have in common,)

... an executive at Netflix™.

The Blog had only one thought, as he snapped a picture with his iPhone™,

"Only in L.A."

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Prop. H8te, Overturned

Thursday, California's odious "Proposition 8" was overturned by the Supreme Court of The United States of America.

Great news for The Blog's LGBT friends in California.

Not so great news if those friends want to move to, say, Texas or Ohio.

Because, if you go there, your marital status is still fucked.

But, I guess, baby steps.

Yesterday, The Blog was reminded of a joke he heard more than 30 years ago.

As told by BBC comedian Dave Allen, on his show "Dave Allen at Large."

*A Digression*

"Dave Allen at Large" aired on PBS after "Benny Hill" and before "Monty Python's Flying Circus,"

Dave Allen was the cerebral antithesis to Benny Hill's vaudevillian antics, while "Monty Python" landed somewhere in between.

Dave was a "sit down" comedian, sitting on a stool, with a side table next to him, his scotch and rocks and an ashtray and cigarette at the ready.

Think Craig Ferguson on ADHD meds. With just a touch of James Bond.

Damn! The future Blog loved Dave Allen!

The joke, which The Blog has not heard in more than 30 years, (so he is paraphrasing,)  went something like this....

"A couple of elderly blokes find themselves sitting next to each other on a train.

One bloke says...

"I'm getting the hell out...."

"Why?" says the other bloke.

"200 years ago," the first bloke says, " Homosexuals were stoned to death."

"100 years ago, homosexuals were put in prison."

"Twenty years ago, homosexuals were fired from their jobs."

"Today, homosexuals are allowed to marry."**

Again, the other bloke asks "So? What's your point?"

The first old bloke replies...

"I'm getting the hell out before it becomes bleedin' mandatory."

** That line about being allowed to marry may not be accurate. I have no idea what the law was in England in the late '70s, although pretty much every industrialized nation seems to be far ahead of the U.S. when it comes to same-sex marriage. So, that's the line I'm using.
The PC hasn't thought of that joke in years.

The thing that brought it to the front of my brain, yesterday, was California Governor Jerry Brown's Facebook post yesterday afternoon, announcing the official legalization of same-sex marriage in CA.

The PC doubts that Gov. Brown actually posts to Facebook, himself.

That is probably the job of some staffer. "The Director of Social Media Relations" or some such thing.

The Blog thinks that the announcement could have been worded better.

The second that The Blog read it, he heard the voice of a crotchety and confused old Scotsman exclaim, "Wha' noo? It's mandatorrrry?"

Once again...

Congratulations to my LGBT friends here in California.

Now, let's not get lazy! It's time to fix the other 37 states and make equality the law across the whole country.

But tonight, I'm going over to YouTube and searching for old "Dave Allen at Large" clips.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What a Day!

Am I right?

Two days, really.

In the last 48 hours, the Supreme Court of the United States gutted the long standing, and until now, entirely nonpartisan "Voter's Rights Act."

Based on the notion that times have changed and racism no longer exists in America.


(Love ya, Paula! Really, I do! But, seriously, when you are in a hole, stop digging.)

*Brief Digression*

The same argument could be used on the topic of the Second Ammendment.

"Times have changed."

But, no.

Because, guns.

*End Digression*

Not 24 hours later, SCOTUS struck down the odious "Defense of Marriage Act..."

(Good for them!)

... And sent California's even more odious Prop. 8 back to Sacramento, making the issue of "same sex marriage" (or, as I like to call it, "equal rights for all Americans,") a state issue.

Which strikes The Blog as weird, ball-less, and not very surprising.

So, Congratulations to all my LGBT friends! In 13 of the 50 states, anyway. Still can't figure out why SCOTUS would rule that equal rights is a state issue and not a federal one. Celebrate tonight. But, you (we) still have a long fight ahead of you (us.)

              Rep. Michelle Bachman, the only anti-gay marriage Senator that is in a gay marriage...


... had a few choice words for the SCOTUS' decision.

Which raises the question, "Why is this woman still talking?"

And, my Representative, Nancy Pelosi,  had two choice words about the batshit crazy Senator's opinion. 


Last night, Texas state Senator Wendy Davis and a whole lot of constituents, successfully engaged in a good, old-fashioned, filibuster, ended an attempt to pass SB 5, a draconian attempt to limit abortion in Texas.

Within hours, Texas Governor Rick Perry called for another "emergency session" to re-address the issue, next week.

Because, according to Gov. Perry, "Texans care about the sanctity of life."

Ironically, at the same time that the filibuster went down, the state of Texas, put a convict to death, for the 500th time.

The Blog could say a thing or two about this.

But, FOB, John Fugelsang, says it better.


Let me clarify something about my opposition to the death penalty.

The Blog believes that there are certain criminals, (rapists, murderers and child molesters,) that deserve to die.

But, until the day comes that not one single, wrongly convicted, innocent person is sentenced  to death...

(And The PC believes that science will, one day, probably soon, prevent that from happening.)

... The death penalty is wrong.

(Not to mention, a stupidly expensive plan, that costs taxpayers millions.)

The Blog dares his "Christian," "Conservative" friends to disagree. 

Movie Night

A break from outrage and general bitching for a night.

Tonight, let's enjoy some videos.

First, a handful of viral clips.

Thanks to "Digital Goddess" Kim Komando for putting these all in one place.

First, take a listen to the quietest room in the world.

As someone who has worked in television and film for the last 30 years, the lack of, what we call "ambient sound," is truly jarring.

Next up, a magically "cursed" 3,000+ year old statue in an Egyptian museum slowly rotates for no apparent reason.

File this video under "Science is Fucking Awesome." 

This amazing waterproofing product is now, or will soon be, available at Home Depot.

The Blog has confessed, in past posts, to be a recovering magician.

Which is why The Blog loves this video.

Did someone say "arachnophobia?"

Watch as this Vancouver weather reporter freaks out.


The "short subjects" are over.

Go get yourself some popcorn and Junior Mints and a super tanker of Coke.

(Thanks to sitcom writer, baseball announcer and blogger Ken Levine, for pointing The PC to this video.)

Settle in and enjoy, for the next hour and four minutes...

A history of Disneyland, presented at the annual gathering of Disney elites, the D23 Expo, 2011.

Vintage Disneyland.


I hate to end this post on a sad note.

But, I feel that I have to...

Yesterday, television writer and producer Gary David Goldberg passed away.

Gary contributed to a number of great TV shows.

But, he may be best known as the creator of "Family Ties."

Gary Goldberg, (to those who knew him, the "David" was silent.) was "Ubu Productions."

If the phrase, "Sit, Ubu. Sit! Good dog!" takes you back, then you know who I am talking about.

Gary was one of the truly good guys.

When Gary cut a development deal with Paramount Pictures...

... he didn't use his considerable clout to demand a luxurious office with more square footage than The Blog's house.

(His office, on the lot, was a small, single room, not unlike the room that The PC currently works in on that same lot.)

No, he asked for, (and received,) a daycare center for  the studio's "below the line" employees, who could not afford to employ nannies, 24/7. It was an idea that no studio, before that time, had ever entertained.

To this day, The Blog, (who has worked on the Paramount lot for the last decade,) hears the happy screams and laughter of young children, playing in the "Goldberg Daycare Center," adjacent to the studio's "Lucy Park," every afternoon as he heads out for home.

                                                                        Lucy Park

The PC would like to imagine that Ubu is waiting at the "Rainbow Bridge," to meet his daddy.

Gary, you will be missed in Hollywood..

Rest in peace.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Random Sh!t: 06/24/13 Edition

The Blog, in keeping with his resolution to avoid sharing overtly political posts on the Facebook page of his mild mannered alter-ego, "Clark," brings those posts here, instead.

Let's begin with, what is turning out to be a regular feature, that we like to call...

"What the Fuck, Texas?"

Rep. Jody Laubenburg (R) had this to say about abortion and exceptions for rape...

You go, Rep. Jody!

Read the whole story, here.

You may be just a small time, state representative. But, you have proven that you are qualified to run with the "big dogs," like Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin. The PC is fascinated by the number of Republican politicians who fancy themselves experts on science and medicine, without holding degrees in science or medicine.

Because, you know, education is for elitist sissies.

But, in spite of, or maybe, because of testimony like Rep. Jody's...

The Republican Senate of the Great State of Texas did what Republicans do best...

... They turned a really bad idea into law, by voting on it in the wee hours of the morning.

Catch up on that here.

You can be just as stupid as they are!

You can read the whole story here.

You've gotta give it to Republicans.

The do their best work after midnight.

                                                                       Like this guy.

But, The Blog gives credit where credit is due.

There are plenty of Texans that know where it's at.

Like these people.

But, why do Texans keep voting these idiots into office?

In a related post...

"The Everlasting GOP Stoppers"  posted this...

The PC has no plans to sue the "GOP Stoppers" for infringing on The Blog's "WTF? Texas" theme.

Because, great minds think alike.


Moving on...

The Associated Press has confirmed that the I.R.S. "scandal" is a non-story.

The I.R.S. didn't just target conservative organizations with words like "TEA Party" for scrutiny while sifting through tax exempt status for certain non-profit organizations.

They also singled out organizations that included the words, "progressive," and "occupy.

So, the Conservative can stop whining like little babies, now.

And, just in case you think that The Blog only kicks Conservatives when they fuck up...

Here is a quick note to the "aattp" Facebook page...



For the love of God, don't make The Blog have to stage an intervention against "spell-check" dependancy.


For the most part, The Blog has no time for your average "jock."

The PC spent too much of his youth being beaten to a pulp, on a regular basis,  by football playing assholes.

The PC is inclined to say, "Fuck them all."

And, yeah, O.J. murdered his ex-wife.

No matter what a jury decided.

Again, Fuck them all.

And then Chris Kluwe comes along.

Chris is the straight guy with the brass balls to defend gay marriage and his fellow players who happen to be gay.

So, major "atta-boys" to Chris, for that.

When he was "let go" by the Minnesota Vikings, he responded, thusly..

“So long, Minnesota, and thanks for all the fish!” Kluwe wrote. He added: “Thank you to all the fans, my teammates, and the Wilf family for the past 8.5 years. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.”

That's right.

An H2G2 reference.

Can he be any cooler than that?

As it turns out...

Yes, he can.

Chris is now, safely, contracted to the Oakland Raiders.

And, today, he had this to say about Ayn Rand assholes acolytes.

The PC is now an official fan of Chris Kluwe.

One more, non-controversial thing...

Author Richard Matheson died, today.

One of the great "sci-fi" writers.

His contributions to "The Twilight Zone," "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," and "Night Gallery" made him a sci-fi legend.

He wrote the short story that became every film student's "must see," "The Shrinking Man" became "The Incredible Shrinking Man."

But, he was most famous for his vampire tale, "I Am Legend."

That 1950 something story has been made into three movies...

"The Last Man on Earth" starring Vincent Price...

"The Omega Man," starring Charlton Heston...

And, "I Am Legend," starring Will Smith.

All three movies have their merits.

No, that's a lie.

"The Last Man on Earth" is watchable.

"I Am Legend" was pretty good, but bared little resemblance to it's source.

"The Omega Man" was a fucking travesty that bombed, both critically, and at the box office.

The PC loves Matheson's original story because the majority of the action takes place in the the southern suburb of Los Angeles that the PC currently resides in.

Hawthorne, CA.

Matheson's references to specific landmarks and street intersections in Hawthorne, makes his story weirdly personal.

The PC is rambling, now.

So, I will stop here.

R.I.P. Richard Matheson.


A quick update on The Blog's cable TV issues.

(In case you care.)

The latest visit from the Time Warner cable technicians confirm that The PC is now receiving the the cutting edge, top of the line, cable signal on steroids, service that TWC offers. 

As of today, The Blog's entire neighborhood is benefiting from a major cable upgrade.

You are welcome, neighbors.

At exactly 7:48 PM, the signal dropped out.


Cabal gremlins, (because, at this point, that is the best diagnosis that TWC has been able to come up with,) fucked with The PC's cable reception until about 9:45.

Around 9:45. the signal returned.

So maybe, just maybe, he got "Under the Dome" recorded.

Fingers crossed!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Pussy Riot

Tuned in to CBS' "60 Minutes" tonight for the sole purpose of getting a juvenile laugh out of hearing a staid, buttoned down news reporter utter the words "Pussy Riot."

Is that wrong?

Lesley Stahl reported.

It would have been more, juvenilely funny if Scott Pelley had done the report.

That's probably why they gave it to Lesley.

The Blog is thinking back to the days of the Clinton administration, when Dan Rather had to talk about "oral sex" over and over again, with a straight face.

You can't write that sort of sophomoric comedy. (Unless you write for "2 Broke Girls.")

It was, actually, an excellent report.

If you are one of those Obama haters that thinks that our president is running a dictatorship...

... go see what Putin is doing in Russia, right now.

One thing struck The PC, while watching this story.

Call me shallow, or even, sexist...

                                               But, holy shit, these women are gorgeous!

Forgive me for this, but...

If you are of a certain age, (as The Blog is,) your only exposure to the femininity from the then U.S.S.R. was during the Olympics...

And the only "hot" Russian women...

                                                              ...were Soviet spies.

 The PC has been to Moscow and is here to tell you that some of the most beautiful women in the world are in, or from, the former Soviet Bloc.

During the Cold War, someone was lying to us about Russian women.

Just sayin'.

Which brings us to this...

The Blog knows what you are thinking...

You are thinking, "Hey! You saw "60 Minutes" tonight! That must mean that TWC fixed your cable problem."

You would be wrong.

After doing a whole bunch of shit to The PC's cable lines, today, the signal, once again, dropped out at about 7:40 PM.

The signal returned about an hour and a half later, in time to see most of "The Good Wife" and all of "The Mentalist."

But, no.

The problem has not been resolved.

Another tech appointment has been set for tomorrow afternoon, "between 1:00 and 2:00."

I swear to Dog! If I don't get my "Under the Dome" tomorrow night, things are going to get ugly.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Under the Dome

The Blog is super excited for the Monday night premier of "Under the Dome," based on Big Steve King's novel by the same name.

The PC hopes that his current issues with Time Warner Cable will, finally, be resolved.

A bit of background...

For the last couple of weeks, The Blog has missed much TV because his cable box keeps losing connection with the "Big Three" network's local stations.

TWC has sent out two technicians, who have upgraded cable cards, installed a tuner converter, and replaced cable that was chewed on by squirrels, but the problem persists.

Mrs. Blog has been righteously pissed that she has not had her daily dose of "The Young and the Restless,"  "Judge Judy," and "Hawaii Five-0."

A call to TWC has resulted in a rare Sunday morning appointment with a TWC tech.

And that tech had better fix the problem.

Because The PC doesn't give a shit about "Y&R" or "Judge Judy."

But, if The Blog doesn't get his "Under the Dome" Tivoed™, he will not be a happy camper.

Stephan King's novel, "Under the Dome," is an epic tale of "crisis politics," small town secrets and "fish in a too small bowl."

The TV series promises to use the story as it's base. But, because it might be picked up for a second season, will not go as far as to reveal the actual origin of "the Dome."

No spoiler alert, here.

While the novel, in it's over 1,000 pages was a great ride, it's final reveal was anti-climatic to anyone who ever read sci-fi comics, or saw a certain "Star Trek" episode that featured Clint Howard as the "villain."

So, The Blog is fine with the TV series' open ended premise. And looks forward to next summer's season.

The Blog thinks that "Under the Dome" might just be the next "Breaking Bad" meets "Lost."

Big Steve King has much to say about this, here.

And, please, please, please, TWC...

Don't let me down.

Friday, June 21, 2013

One More Thing...

The Blog hates to go all Perez Hilton, here.

But, what the fuck is going on with Meg Ryan?

She used to be the cutest thing ever, in Hollywood.

But now, she looks like this...

Which makes The Bog ask...


                                                                "Why so serious?"

It's just sad, really.

Still More Random Sh!t: 06/21/2013 Edition

Just for shits and giggles...

Here are some uncharacteristically happy, clappy things that The PC felt like sharing.

No politics, (mostly.)

First off...

Last night, The Blog shared a story from The Rude Pundit, about a friend that was dying, in need of a liver.

Great news to report!

Today, The Rude One's friend got that liver she needed! Her prognosis is good. Barring possible complications, Lee's friend, Mary, will live on.

To quote Lee, "Go science!"


Thanks to Kim Komando at for sharing these videos.

You can make a Slushie from a soda bottle, without going to 7/Eleven.

Mrs. Blog will love this one!

Science might just cure cancer with the help of HIV.

How crazy is that?

Just for fun, check out this video of a mixed family of adopted pets.

Seriously cute!



One bit of politics....

Quoting radio host Thom Hartmann...

"Yesterday the House Committee on Rules blocked an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would have drastically cut back the NSA's ability to collect data on American citizens. An amendment was proposed by Congressman Alan Grayson from Florida. It would have prohibited the Defense Department from collecting information on U.S. citizens without probable cause of a terrorism or criminal offense. Congressman Grayson's amendment, of course, comes on the heels of reports that the National Security Agency [NSA] has been secretly collecting the telephone records and internet information of U.S. citizens."

Got that?

The Rules Committee consists of nine Republicans and four Democrats.

The Committee ruled that the NSA should be allowed to spy on American citizens.

The cyber-blood is on the hands of Republican House members.

Not the President's or the Democrats.

"Nuff said."

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some More Random Sh!t: 06/20/2013 Edition

I know. I know.

The Blog has promised a couple of posts that will include, among other things, the ass kicking of the disciples of Ayn Rand and, reaching back a ways, his thoughts about rich people and why they are not like us.

And, so far, he hasn't delivered.

Fuck you, if you don't like it.

It's my blog.

I'll get there when I feel like it.

And, right now, I don't feel like it.

To paraphrase and old TV commercial that featured Orson Wells, The Blog will sell no whine before it's time.

Until then,

More random shit.


So, it seems that Paula Deen has stirred up a pot of something that no amount of butter is going to help. posted an excellent commentary, here.

The PC met Miz Deen a couple of years ago.

And when Paula hugged me...

...pulling me into her ample bosom...

...The PC felt urges he had never experienced before.

No, not those urges.

The PC's brain screamed, "Please, oh please, Miz Paula! Cook for me. Bake for me. Fill me up with butter and bacon. Then hold me, just like this, while my heart slows to a stop and I die of sheer happiness."

TMI, perhaps?


My point is, I don't believe that Paula Deen has a hateful bone in her body.

But, oh Lordy! She has a cultural disconnect, not unlike the similar disconnect that our own beloved grandma's had, back in the day.

(The young PC's own grandma, aka: "Nanny," once told me, without malice, "If you ever need a lawyer or accountant, make sure you get a Jew.")

So, The Blog wants to tell Paula, with (a possibly disturbing) amount of love...

"It's the second decade of the 21st Century. Please get some guidance from professional handlers about what you can and cannot say, in this day and age.

It's not 'political correctness,'

It is modern, civilized decency."


What the hell happened to Geraldo Rivera?


At what point in life did he go from ponytailed, handlebar mustachioed, hippy, investigative journalist, advocating for the elderly, poor and downtrodden...

...To Fox "News" lackey?

The Blog blames "Al Capone's Vault."


Speaking of awesome hugs...

And going back to last night's post about the too soon passing of James Gandolfini...

Check out his Sesame Street appearance, here...

And see if that doesn't tug on a heartstring or two.



Nothing funny here.

But, your Uncle PC found this touching in a personal way.

The Blog has sent you to check out the blogging of Lee Papa...

                                                             AKA: The Rude Pundit

.... in previous posts.

The Rude One is, usually, eloquently obscene and incredibly funny.

But, not last night.

Click here and scroll down, (not very far) to his 06/19/2013 post.

But, before you go, get out your box of Kleenex™.

And, don't say I didn't warn you.

One paragraph stood out for The Blog. You will only fully understand why if you know The PC, personally.

"All over our Facebook pages, people are saying that they may be atheists, but they are praying for Mary. I will not join them. This foxhole won't make me a believer. I want her to get better. I want that liver to be found. I want time and occurrence to converge to make it all possible. I don't want magic for her. I want medicine."

But, man! Lee nailed it right on the head!


One more thing....

 Happy Summer!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random Sh!t: 06/19/2013 Edition

Way back in the first decade of the 21st century, "the aughts," if you will, a ragtag bunch of 'murica lovin', vigilante nitwits arose, for the purpose of protecting our southern borders from the encroaching menace of the immigration of Mexican "illegals."

Armed with pot-bellies, beer, lawn chairs and more guns than teeth, they vowed to do the job of enforcing immigration law that the gummint wouldn't do.

They called themselves "The Minuteman Project."

Misunderstanding history much in the same way that today's "TEA Party Movement," misses the point of the original tea party.

Way back then, before The Blog had a blog, he predicted that this would end badly.

To The Blog's surprise, far fewer of these yahoos shot off their own balls, (or each others)  as The PC imagined they would.

There were a few self-inflicted injuries, and a couple of cases of "illegal detention," (read: kidnapping) of alleged border crossers.

Even though the "movement's" web site still exists, the actual organization officially disbanded in 2010. Evidently realizing that they were better suited to gather at a San Diego Chargers tailgate party, accomplishing as much, while not injuring themselves.

The Minuteman Project was led by co-founders Jim Gilchrist and Chris Simcox.

Which brings us to today.

It was announced a couple of hours ago, that Minuteman co-founder and former California kindergarden teacher Chris Simcox...

...has been arrested, in Maricopa County, AZ (the home of "America's Sheriff," Joe Arpaio) on suspicion of...

Wait for it...

Child molestation.


Of all the shit that could have come out of the Minuteman story...

The Blog really did not see that one coming!

But, just maybe, one of The Blog's favorite bloggers, Lee Papa, aka: The Rude Pundit, might not be so surprised.

Read what The Rude One had to say about this douch-nozzle way back in 2005.


Actor James Gandolfini is dead from a heart attack at the age of 51.

Best known for his role as Tony Soprano, he was a great, versatile actor, not just on television and film, but also on the stage.

Given his weight and propensity to eat like the Italian that he was, heart failure is not all that shocking.

What is shocking, to your Uncle PC, is the fact that James was three years younger than me.

I might have to start thinking harder about my eating, smoking and drinking habits.

But, who am I kidding?


Slim Whitman has, also, died.

Also from heart failure.

He was 90.

The Blog is shocked to learn that, yesterday, he was still alive.



This video.


Attention Voldemort...

Please come to the Lost and Found to claim your patronus.

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Roger Ebert

It has been a little over two months since the passing of film critic Roger Ebert.

The Blog has mentioned Roger once or twice in past posts, but was negligent in not talking about his death.

The PC has mentioned that Roger's battle with jaw cancer, which left him unable to talk and made him look like a badly made Muppet...

...Makes your Uncle PC, a long time smoker, a bit uncomfortable. (As I write this, I have lit up my third pipe of the night.) But also, Roger was an inspiration. Because, when he lost his physical voice, he doubled down, getting more vocal than he had ever been, (and he was always very vocal,) via his blog, Twitter and Facebook.

In his younger days, Roger was responsible for writing one of the most famous soft core, exploitation, porn films ever made.

Later in life, he became the first film critic, ever, to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Which is kind of cool.

The PC is "friended" with Roger on Facebook.

Even after his death, someone is still posting to his page, occasionally, in his absence.

Anyway, The PC brings this up now because he just stumbled across a wonderful eulogy from John Fugelsang, posted a day or two after Roger's death.

Watch it here.

The Blog couldn't have said it better himself.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Pushing the Ayn Rand smack-down one more night. Just not feeling it, tonight.

Until then...

The Blog needs to know a whole lot more about the self-proclaimed NSA leaker Edward Snowden, before he decides if Snowden is a hero or a traitor, or a paranoid narcissist with a Messiah complex.

(The Blog is, currently, leaning toward the latter.)

But, I've gotta give him this.

That is all for tonight.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nope. Not Tonight.

          "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." -- John Lennon

The Blog celebrated Father's Day with a nice sleep in. After yesterday's back breaking yard work, massive, bodily pain was the theme for the day. Mrs. Blog allowed me to wallow in bed until 11:00 AM without complaining.

After a quick lunch, a call to the Blog Dad and a call from The Blog Jr., your Uncle PC had to go to work.

True, he was in crippling pain, but tonight was the night of the Daytime Emmy Awards. So, there were important faces to be painted, and The PC powered through the pain.

Afterwards, Mrs. Blog took her husband out for a steak dinner and some excellent beer, followed by a spur of the moment drive to a cliff in Palos Verdes to watch the sunset and some time to forget about the absurdities that piss off The PC so.

Bottom line...

By the time The PC got on line...

Therefore, the promised smack down of a Randian ass-clown will have to wait one more night.

We here at Curmudgeon Central apologize for the delay.

A Brief Detour

 Last night, The Blog described to you the experiment he is undertaking.

No political or religion themed posts or shares on Facebook until The PC's mild mannered alter-ego decides to start up again.

The PC also promised that tonight, he would bitch slap an Ayn Randian Facebook troll, for your entertainment. (and his.)

But, frankly, after a very long day of some serious yard work in the hot sun, The PC's old bones are just not up to the task at hand.

So we will pick that thread back up tomorrow night.

Instead, we will do this...

The Blog doesn't know the actual origin of the following photo. But, it showed up on The Blog's FB newsfeed last night, posted by a couple of liberal Facebook pages, to demonstrate what one of those posters called, "The dumbest thing ever said."

Predictably, by this morning, some right-wing site picked up on the photo and made the "dumbest thing" even dumber..

...By adding a junior high school style, "Do you like me? Check 'Yes' or 'No,'" caption to the photo.

Not so predictably, by noon today, no fewer than three of The PC's conservative friends, (Who The Blog considers decent, intelligent people, even if they sometimes manage to get their heads up their asses,) had actually thought that the TEApublican version of this photo was worthy of sharing.

So many possible rude, snarky responses.

But, me and my damned experiment in Facebook civility.

The alter-ego, aka: "Clark," held his tongue (or, rather, his fingers,) and quietly walked away.

Fortunately, there are no such self-enforced restrictions here.

So, before your old Uncle PC turns in for the night, let me float a few responses to this bit of xenophobic, paranoid, racist TEAbuggery.

  • I suspect that this guy has never been forced to learn a lot of things.
  • We can refuse? Damn! The jack-booted thugs from the government Department of Forced Education broke my front door down last week and forced me to learn Spanish, Russian and Canadian. If only I had known!
  • ¿Podemos rechazar? Maldito! La jack-booted del gobierno, el Departamento de Educación de forzado rompió mi puerta abajo la semana pasada y me obligó a aprender español, Ruso y canadiense. Ojalá lo hubiera sabido!
And finally...

  • I will not be forced to shave my balls and eat celery to accommodate Teabaggers in my country.
No, wait! There's one more...

  •  It's spelled "accommodate." Learn English, "morans." 


Experiment Update: Day One

When "Clark" refrains from posting anything about politics or religion, this is what happens on his "Notifications" page.


The Blog's Facebook "Notification" page becomes fucking boring.

Stay tuned for further updates.