Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Random Sh!t: 06/19/2013 Edition

Way back in the first decade of the 21st century, "the aughts," if you will, a ragtag bunch of 'murica lovin', vigilante nitwits arose, for the purpose of protecting our southern borders from the encroaching menace of the immigration of Mexican "illegals."

Armed with pot-bellies, beer, lawn chairs and more guns than teeth, they vowed to do the job of enforcing immigration law that the gummint wouldn't do.

They called themselves "The Minuteman Project."

Misunderstanding history much in the same way that today's "TEA Party Movement," misses the point of the original tea party.

Way back then, before The Blog had a blog, he predicted that this would end badly.

To The Blog's surprise, far fewer of these yahoos shot off their own balls, (or each others)  as The PC imagined they would.

There were a few self-inflicted injuries, and a couple of cases of "illegal detention," (read: kidnapping) of alleged border crossers.

Even though the "movement's" web site still exists, the actual organization officially disbanded in 2010. Evidently realizing that they were better suited to gather at a San Diego Chargers tailgate party, accomplishing as much, while not injuring themselves.

The Minuteman Project was led by co-founders Jim Gilchrist and Chris Simcox.

Which brings us to today.

It was announced a couple of hours ago, that Minuteman co-founder and former California kindergarden teacher Chris Simcox...

...has been arrested, in Maricopa County, AZ (the home of "America's Sheriff," Joe Arpaio) on suspicion of...

Wait for it...

Child molestation.


Of all the shit that could have come out of the Minuteman story...

The Blog really did not see that one coming!

But, just maybe, one of The Blog's favorite bloggers, Lee Papa, aka: The Rude Pundit, might not be so surprised.

Read what The Rude One had to say about this douch-nozzle way back in 2005.


Actor James Gandolfini is dead from a heart attack at the age of 51.

Best known for his role as Tony Soprano, he was a great, versatile actor, not just on television and film, but also on the stage.

Given his weight and propensity to eat like the Italian that he was, heart failure is not all that shocking.

What is shocking, to your Uncle PC, is the fact that James was three years younger than me.

I might have to start thinking harder about my eating, smoking and drinking habits.

But, who am I kidding?


Slim Whitman has, also, died.

Also from heart failure.

He was 90.

The Blog is shocked to learn that, yesterday, he was still alive.



This video.


Attention Voldemort...

Please come to the Lost and Found to claim your patronus.

Thank you.

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