Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some More Random Sh!t: 06/20/2013 Edition

I know. I know.

The Blog has promised a couple of posts that will include, among other things, the ass kicking of the disciples of Ayn Rand and, reaching back a ways, his thoughts about rich people and why they are not like us.

And, so far, he hasn't delivered.

Fuck you, if you don't like it.

It's my blog.

I'll get there when I feel like it.

And, right now, I don't feel like it.

To paraphrase and old TV commercial that featured Orson Wells, The Blog will sell no whine before it's time.

Until then,

More random shit.


So, it seems that Paula Deen has stirred up a pot of something that no amount of butter is going to help. posted an excellent commentary, here.

The PC met Miz Deen a couple of years ago.

And when Paula hugged me...

...pulling me into her ample bosom...

...The PC felt urges he had never experienced before.

No, not those urges.

The PC's brain screamed, "Please, oh please, Miz Paula! Cook for me. Bake for me. Fill me up with butter and bacon. Then hold me, just like this, while my heart slows to a stop and I die of sheer happiness."

TMI, perhaps?


My point is, I don't believe that Paula Deen has a hateful bone in her body.

But, oh Lordy! She has a cultural disconnect, not unlike the similar disconnect that our own beloved grandma's had, back in the day.

(The young PC's own grandma, aka: "Nanny," once told me, without malice, "If you ever need a lawyer or accountant, make sure you get a Jew.")

So, The Blog wants to tell Paula, with (a possibly disturbing) amount of love...

"It's the second decade of the 21st Century. Please get some guidance from professional handlers about what you can and cannot say, in this day and age.

It's not 'political correctness,'

It is modern, civilized decency."


What the hell happened to Geraldo Rivera?


At what point in life did he go from ponytailed, handlebar mustachioed, hippy, investigative journalist, advocating for the elderly, poor and downtrodden...

...To Fox "News" lackey?

The Blog blames "Al Capone's Vault."


Speaking of awesome hugs...

And going back to last night's post about the too soon passing of James Gandolfini...

Check out his Sesame Street appearance, here...

And see if that doesn't tug on a heartstring or two.



Nothing funny here.

But, your Uncle PC found this touching in a personal way.

The Blog has sent you to check out the blogging of Lee Papa...

                                                             AKA: The Rude Pundit

.... in previous posts.

The Rude One is, usually, eloquently obscene and incredibly funny.

But, not last night.

Click here and scroll down, (not very far) to his 06/19/2013 post.

But, before you go, get out your box of Kleenex™.

And, don't say I didn't warn you.

One paragraph stood out for The Blog. You will only fully understand why if you know The PC, personally.

"All over our Facebook pages, people are saying that they may be atheists, but they are praying for Mary. I will not join them. This foxhole won't make me a believer. I want her to get better. I want that liver to be found. I want time and occurrence to converge to make it all possible. I don't want magic for her. I want medicine."

But, man! Lee nailed it right on the head!


One more thing....

 Happy Summer!

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