Friday, June 21, 2013

Still More Random Sh!t: 06/21/2013 Edition

Just for shits and giggles...

Here are some uncharacteristically happy, clappy things that The PC felt like sharing.

No politics, (mostly.)

First off...

Last night, The Blog shared a story from The Rude Pundit, about a friend that was dying, in need of a liver.

Great news to report!

Today, The Rude One's friend got that liver she needed! Her prognosis is good. Barring possible complications, Lee's friend, Mary, will live on.

To quote Lee, "Go science!"


Thanks to Kim Komando at for sharing these videos.

You can make a Slushie from a soda bottle, without going to 7/Eleven.

Mrs. Blog will love this one!

Science might just cure cancer with the help of HIV.

How crazy is that?

Just for fun, check out this video of a mixed family of adopted pets.

Seriously cute!



One bit of politics....

Quoting radio host Thom Hartmann...

"Yesterday the House Committee on Rules blocked an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would have drastically cut back the NSA's ability to collect data on American citizens. An amendment was proposed by Congressman Alan Grayson from Florida. It would have prohibited the Defense Department from collecting information on U.S. citizens without probable cause of a terrorism or criminal offense. Congressman Grayson's amendment, of course, comes on the heels of reports that the National Security Agency [NSA] has been secretly collecting the telephone records and internet information of U.S. citizens."

Got that?

The Rules Committee consists of nine Republicans and four Democrats.

The Committee ruled that the NSA should be allowed to spy on American citizens.

The cyber-blood is on the hands of Republican House members.

Not the President's or the Democrats.

"Nuff said."

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