Saturday, June 29, 2013

Prop. H8te, Overturned

Thursday, California's odious "Proposition 8" was overturned by the Supreme Court of The United States of America.

Great news for The Blog's LGBT friends in California.

Not so great news if those friends want to move to, say, Texas or Ohio.

Because, if you go there, your marital status is still fucked.

But, I guess, baby steps.

Yesterday, The Blog was reminded of a joke he heard more than 30 years ago.

As told by BBC comedian Dave Allen, on his show "Dave Allen at Large."

*A Digression*

"Dave Allen at Large" aired on PBS after "Benny Hill" and before "Monty Python's Flying Circus,"

Dave Allen was the cerebral antithesis to Benny Hill's vaudevillian antics, while "Monty Python" landed somewhere in between.

Dave was a "sit down" comedian, sitting on a stool, with a side table next to him, his scotch and rocks and an ashtray and cigarette at the ready.

Think Craig Ferguson on ADHD meds. With just a touch of James Bond.

Damn! The future Blog loved Dave Allen!

The joke, which The Blog has not heard in more than 30 years, (so he is paraphrasing,)  went something like this....

"A couple of elderly blokes find themselves sitting next to each other on a train.

One bloke says...

"I'm getting the hell out...."

"Why?" says the other bloke.

"200 years ago," the first bloke says, " Homosexuals were stoned to death."

"100 years ago, homosexuals were put in prison."

"Twenty years ago, homosexuals were fired from their jobs."

"Today, homosexuals are allowed to marry."**

Again, the other bloke asks "So? What's your point?"

The first old bloke replies...

"I'm getting the hell out before it becomes bleedin' mandatory."

** That line about being allowed to marry may not be accurate. I have no idea what the law was in England in the late '70s, although pretty much every industrialized nation seems to be far ahead of the U.S. when it comes to same-sex marriage. So, that's the line I'm using.
The PC hasn't thought of that joke in years.

The thing that brought it to the front of my brain, yesterday, was California Governor Jerry Brown's Facebook post yesterday afternoon, announcing the official legalization of same-sex marriage in CA.

The PC doubts that Gov. Brown actually posts to Facebook, himself.

That is probably the job of some staffer. "The Director of Social Media Relations" or some such thing.

The Blog thinks that the announcement could have been worded better.

The second that The Blog read it, he heard the voice of a crotchety and confused old Scotsman exclaim, "Wha' noo? It's mandatorrrry?"

Once again...

Congratulations to my LGBT friends here in California.

Now, let's not get lazy! It's time to fix the other 37 states and make equality the law across the whole country.

But tonight, I'm going over to YouTube and searching for old "Dave Allen at Large" clips.

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