Saturday, June 15, 2013

Be Offended. Be VERY Offended.

In the past few days, it has been brought to The Blog's attention that, over on The Book of Faces, his mild mannered alter-ego...

                                                 The Clark Kent to The Blog's Superman, if you will...

...posts, mostly, political and religious commentaries.

"Almost all of your posts..." says one Conservative, Christian friend.

And "Clark's" (yes, let's call The Blog's Facebook presence "Clark,") conservative friends, and his fundamentalist Christian friends, (who, coincidentally, I'm sure, turn out to be the same people,) feel that those posts are personally insulting and offensive.

Clark spends far too much of his time beating his head against a brick wall attempting to educate those friends with something called "facts." But, to no avail.

Those friends steadfastly believe nothing that the government and the "liberal" media tells them, but eat up every word "reported" by bloggers at sources like

For example, this tidbit...

                                                          Because, Breitbart says it's true.

And everyone knows that everything Breitbart reports is indisputable fact. #sarcasm font.

Clark will state his case and then, respectfully, agree to disagree.

At the same time, The PC wonders how these people have managed to function in society for so long, and have never been run over by a bus.

Because, "Fuck those 'Don't Walk' signs. This is 'murca! I will walk, freely, whenever I damn well want to. No dictatorial nanny state is going to tell me what to do!"

Anywho... #facetious font... (No one uses the word "anywho" in actual conversation. Why do so many use it on the internets? The Blog thinks that anyone that uses "anywho" in any context should be slapped about the head with a Dr. Seuss book. The only place that word should ever appear.)

Wait. Where was I?

Oh yeah.

The PC, with the cooperation of his alter-ego, is embarking on an experiment.

Beginning 24 hours ago, and going on until The Blog (and Clark) get bored with it...

Clark will refrain from posting or sharing anything related to politics and religion, and redirect that content to this blog.

Because this blog has no qualms about being offensive or insulting.

The following is a tossed salad of internet memes and news stories that Clark would have shared, but has sent here.

If you think that you may be insulted or offended by the content that follows...

...exit now. Go and enjoy some Positive Inspirational Quotes or adorable kittens.

Now, fuck off.

Are you still here?

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Here we go. In no particular order...


Not satire. But, it should be...

Speaking of Caribou Barbie...

Jesus is everywhere...


Tomorrow night...

The Blog (disguised as Clark) is in the middle of attempting to educate a self-confessed "mushroom." (Lives in the dark. Is fed bullshit.) Our debates are friendly and respectful. But, lately, our discussions have been invaded by an ignorant, ideological troll.

Said friend has asked Clark to refrain from engaging in the troll's comments on his Facebook thread. Clark respects his friend's wishes.

Tomorrow night, The PC will move his comments about said troll to this space.

Sadly, the Troll will never see the post. But, The PC is grateful for the Troll's ignorant comments. Because The PC is going to rip him a new asshole while getting a full blog post from his assholery.

Because, what happens on Facebook is not required to stay on Facebook.

Stay tuned.

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