Sunday, June 23, 2013

Under the Dome

The Blog is super excited for the Monday night premier of "Under the Dome," based on Big Steve King's novel by the same name.

The PC hopes that his current issues with Time Warner Cable will, finally, be resolved.

A bit of background...

For the last couple of weeks, The Blog has missed much TV because his cable box keeps losing connection with the "Big Three" network's local stations.

TWC has sent out two technicians, who have upgraded cable cards, installed a tuner converter, and replaced cable that was chewed on by squirrels, but the problem persists.

Mrs. Blog has been righteously pissed that she has not had her daily dose of "The Young and the Restless,"  "Judge Judy," and "Hawaii Five-0."

A call to TWC has resulted in a rare Sunday morning appointment with a TWC tech.

And that tech had better fix the problem.

Because The PC doesn't give a shit about "Y&R" or "Judge Judy."

But, if The Blog doesn't get his "Under the Dome" Tivoed™, he will not be a happy camper.

Stephan King's novel, "Under the Dome," is an epic tale of "crisis politics," small town secrets and "fish in a too small bowl."

The TV series promises to use the story as it's base. But, because it might be picked up for a second season, will not go as far as to reveal the actual origin of "the Dome."

No spoiler alert, here.

While the novel, in it's over 1,000 pages was a great ride, it's final reveal was anti-climatic to anyone who ever read sci-fi comics, or saw a certain "Star Trek" episode that featured Clint Howard as the "villain."

So, The Blog is fine with the TV series' open ended premise. And looks forward to next summer's season.

The Blog thinks that "Under the Dome" might just be the next "Breaking Bad" meets "Lost."

Big Steve King has much to say about this, here.

And, please, please, please, TWC...

Don't let me down.

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