Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Movie Night

A break from outrage and general bitching for a night.

Tonight, let's enjoy some videos.

First, a handful of viral clips.

Thanks to "Digital Goddess" Kim Komando for putting these all in one place.

First, take a listen to the quietest room in the world.

As someone who has worked in television and film for the last 30 years, the lack of, what we call "ambient sound," is truly jarring.

Next up, a magically "cursed" 3,000+ year old statue in an Egyptian museum slowly rotates for no apparent reason.

File this video under "Science is Fucking Awesome." 

This amazing waterproofing product is now, or will soon be, available at Home Depot.

The Blog has confessed, in past posts, to be a recovering magician.

Which is why The Blog loves this video.

Did someone say "arachnophobia?"

Watch as this Vancouver weather reporter freaks out.


The "short subjects" are over.

Go get yourself some popcorn and Junior Mints and a super tanker of Coke.

(Thanks to sitcom writer, baseball announcer and blogger Ken Levine, for pointing The PC to this video.)

Settle in and enjoy, for the next hour and four minutes...

A history of Disneyland, presented at the annual gathering of Disney elites, the D23 Expo, 2011.

Vintage Disneyland.


I hate to end this post on a sad note.

But, I feel that I have to...

Yesterday, television writer and producer Gary David Goldberg passed away.

Gary contributed to a number of great TV shows.

But, he may be best known as the creator of "Family Ties."

Gary Goldberg, (to those who knew him, the "David" was silent.) was "Ubu Productions."

If the phrase, "Sit, Ubu. Sit! Good dog!" takes you back, then you know who I am talking about.

Gary was one of the truly good guys.

When Gary cut a development deal with Paramount Pictures...

... he didn't use his considerable clout to demand a luxurious office with more square footage than The Blog's house.

(His office, on the lot, was a small, single room, not unlike the room that The PC currently works in on that same lot.)

No, he asked for, (and received,) a daycare center for  the studio's "below the line" employees, who could not afford to employ nannies, 24/7. It was an idea that no studio, before that time, had ever entertained.

To this day, The Blog, (who has worked on the Paramount lot for the last decade,) hears the happy screams and laughter of young children, playing in the "Goldberg Daycare Center," adjacent to the studio's "Lucy Park," every afternoon as he heads out for home.

                                                                        Lucy Park

The PC would like to imagine that Ubu is waiting at the "Rainbow Bridge," to meet his daddy.

Gary, you will be missed in Hollywood..

Rest in peace.

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