Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Random Sh!t: 06/24/13 Edition

The Blog, in keeping with his resolution to avoid sharing overtly political posts on the Facebook page of his mild mannered alter-ego, "Clark," brings those posts here, instead.

Let's begin with, what is turning out to be a regular feature, that we like to call...

"What the Fuck, Texas?"

Rep. Jody Laubenburg (R) had this to say about abortion and exceptions for rape...

You go, Rep. Jody!

Read the whole story, here.

You may be just a small time, state representative. But, you have proven that you are qualified to run with the "big dogs," like Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin. The PC is fascinated by the number of Republican politicians who fancy themselves experts on science and medicine, without holding degrees in science or medicine.

Because, you know, education is for elitist sissies.

But, in spite of, or maybe, because of testimony like Rep. Jody's...

The Republican Senate of the Great State of Texas did what Republicans do best...

... They turned a really bad idea into law, by voting on it in the wee hours of the morning.

Catch up on that here.

You can be just as stupid as they are!

You can read the whole story here.

You've gotta give it to Republicans.

The do their best work after midnight.

                                                                       Like this guy.

But, The Blog gives credit where credit is due.

There are plenty of Texans that know where it's at.

Like these people.

But, why do Texans keep voting these idiots into office?

In a related post...

"The Everlasting GOP Stoppers"  posted this...

The PC has no plans to sue the "GOP Stoppers" for infringing on The Blog's "WTF? Texas" theme.

Because, great minds think alike.


Moving on...

The Associated Press has confirmed that the I.R.S. "scandal" is a non-story.

The I.R.S. didn't just target conservative organizations with words like "TEA Party" for scrutiny while sifting through tax exempt status for certain non-profit organizations.

They also singled out organizations that included the words, "progressive," and "occupy.

So, the Conservative can stop whining like little babies, now.

And, just in case you think that The Blog only kicks Conservatives when they fuck up...

Here is a quick note to the "aattp" Facebook page...



For the love of God, don't make The Blog have to stage an intervention against "spell-check" dependancy.


For the most part, The Blog has no time for your average "jock."

The PC spent too much of his youth being beaten to a pulp, on a regular basis,  by football playing assholes.

The PC is inclined to say, "Fuck them all."

And, yeah, O.J. murdered his ex-wife.

No matter what a jury decided.

Again, Fuck them all.

And then Chris Kluwe comes along.

Chris is the straight guy with the brass balls to defend gay marriage and his fellow players who happen to be gay.

So, major "atta-boys" to Chris, for that.

When he was "let go" by the Minnesota Vikings, he responded, thusly..

“So long, Minnesota, and thanks for all the fish!” Kluwe wrote. He added: “Thank you to all the fans, my teammates, and the Wilf family for the past 8.5 years. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.”

That's right.

An H2G2 reference.

Can he be any cooler than that?

As it turns out...

Yes, he can.

Chris is now, safely, contracted to the Oakland Raiders.

And, today, he had this to say about Ayn Rand assholes acolytes.

The PC is now an official fan of Chris Kluwe.

One more, non-controversial thing...

Author Richard Matheson died, today.

One of the great "sci-fi" writers.

His contributions to "The Twilight Zone," "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," and "Night Gallery" made him a sci-fi legend.

He wrote the short story that became every film student's "must see," "The Shrinking Man" became "The Incredible Shrinking Man."

But, he was most famous for his vampire tale, "I Am Legend."

That 1950 something story has been made into three movies...

"The Last Man on Earth" starring Vincent Price...

"The Omega Man," starring Charlton Heston...

And, "I Am Legend," starring Will Smith.

All three movies have their merits.

No, that's a lie.

"The Last Man on Earth" is watchable.

"I Am Legend" was pretty good, but bared little resemblance to it's source.

"The Omega Man" was a fucking travesty that bombed, both critically, and at the box office.

The PC loves Matheson's original story because the majority of the action takes place in the the southern suburb of Los Angeles that the PC currently resides in.

Hawthorne, CA.

Matheson's references to specific landmarks and street intersections in Hawthorne, makes his story weirdly personal.

The PC is rambling, now.

So, I will stop here.

R.I.P. Richard Matheson.


A quick update on The Blog's cable TV issues.

(In case you care.)

The latest visit from the Time Warner cable technicians confirm that The PC is now receiving the the cutting edge, top of the line, cable signal on steroids, service that TWC offers. 

As of today, The Blog's entire neighborhood is benefiting from a major cable upgrade.

You are welcome, neighbors.

At exactly 7:48 PM, the signal dropped out.


Cabal gremlins, (because, at this point, that is the best diagnosis that TWC has been able to come up with,) fucked with The PC's cable reception until about 9:45.

Around 9:45. the signal returned.

So maybe, just maybe, he got "Under the Dome" recorded.

Fingers crossed!

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