Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Roar of the Greasepaint...

Is it weird that, while The PC works in television and film, he rarely watches The Emmys™  or The Oscars™ preferring to catch up on the highlights on line, the next day?

*Brief Digression*

Your Uncle PC was nominated for a Daytime Emmy™ about a decade ago. Losing to "The View" truly made him want to spend the rest of the evening in the bar, pounding dirty martinis with his crew.

But, he didn't.

'Cause he's a good sport, that way.

But, he's not bitter.


About 4 or 5 years ago, The Blog had the rare opportunity to watch The Oscars™ with film critic and "Entertainment Tonight" denizen Leonard Maltin, which, I guess, could make any other Oscar™ night seem pretty mundane.

So, there is that.

*End Digression*

Back to the "Is it weird" question...

...But, for the third year in a row, The Blog has watched The Tony Awards,™ pretty much in it's entirety?

In the last few years, The Blog and Mrs. Blog have, sort of, become a couple of "theater queens."

(If you have seen some of The Blog's past reviews of "Broadway in L.A." performances, this might not surprise you.)

The Blog has always had show business in his blood. And while he has always gravitated to television and film, (the media that has provided him with a good living,) growing up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, there was not much TV and film, but there was a lot of theater.

School plays, community theater, The Bay Village Playhouse, and (had Hollywood not called before he got there) The Cleveland Playhouse.

*Another Digression*

In Garson Kanan's soap opera of a novel "Broadway," there is a line that has stuck with The Blog nearly 40 years after he read it...

(It has been about 40 years, so I'm may be paraphrasing, here...)

"If you want to do theater for prestige, go to Broadway. If you want to make money, go to Cleveland."


The fact is, there is no greater rush for an introverted, misfit boy, than a standing ovation, (or even a sitting ovation,) at the curtain call at a live stage performance.

It's better than drugs.

"The roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd." As "they" say.

It has been decades since The PC has stood on a stage, sating his, probably not very healthy, need for approval from a theater full of strangers.

These days, he lives vicariously through the performers on the stages of The Pantages, The Amahnson, The Falcon and a myriad of "performing arts centers."

And the great thing about theater in Los Angeles?

Angelenos will give a standing ovation to damn near anything.

(Except that lame road production of "West Side Story" at The Pantages, last year. Because, meh.)

Over the past few years, one of The Blog's favorite bloggers, sitcom writer/sports announcer Ken Levine, has posted a review of The Tony Awards™ on his blog.

He passed on it this year. Convinced that no one actually watches The Tonys™.

Instead, he posted highlights from past reviews.

No review from The Blog, tonight.

Just a few observations.


The PC missed both the opening number and the closing number.

Thank you YouTube™, because both were spectacular.


The Blog has nothing against Broadway shows based on movies, in the same sense that he has nothing against movies based on Broadway shows.

"Beauty and the Beast" and "The Full Monty" are two of The Blog's all time favorites.


"Bring It On?"



The PC is cool with "Kinky Boots" sweeping the awards.

He has not seen the film or the play.

But, okay. Because...

"The Full Monty."


Is it just me, or are there no real surprise breakouts this year?

No "Book of Mormans."

No "American Idiots."

No, "Avenue Qs."

Mostly, revivals and "juke box" shows that have been "previewing" on tour for years, now. 


I know it's not just me. It was mentioned in the opening number.

There are way too many children working on Broadway, right now.

I'm not even talking about the fact that Broadway may not be the healthiest place for a kid to grow up.

(Anyone who has ever talked with Lea Michelle for ten minutes knows that is a fact.)

But, "Matilda," and "Annie" demonstrate my problem with kids in musicals.

One kid may be amazingly talented.

All of the kids may be amazingly talented.

But, as is best exemplified by "Annie,"

A whole bunch of talented kids, singing together, no matter how talented, sound like nails on a chalkboard.

We could get confessions and close Gitmo tomorrow, if we exposed suspected terrorists to a loop of "Hard Knock Life."


It strikes The Blog that, if it wasn't for Broadway, Harvey Fierstein would be the gayest cross-country truck driver in America.

(And I say that with love.)


Neil Patrick Harris should be the permanent Tony Award™ host.

Nobody does it better.

But, it would be okay if he alternated with Hugh Jackman and Nathan Lane.


The PC has enjoyed Alan Cumming's work for, pretty much, ever.

It still freaks him out when Alan breaks out that Scottish brogue.


One last thought.

Rogers & Hammerstein's "Cinderella" was an annual event on TV when The Blog was a child.

Lesley Ann Warren may have been the very young Blog's very first love. (Which might explain his weakness, to this day, for beagle eyed women.)

So, The Blog watched while the new, revival cast did their thing.

The PC had long forgotten that music. But...

For a minute or two, The PC became a four-year-old, again.


I'm not crying.

I just have something in my eye.

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