Monday, March 31, 2014

Getting Ready

Your Uncle PC is spending the evening getting his numbers together for his annual visit to the tax preparer on Wednesday.

Not much effort will be going into tonight's post.

In fact...

This is pretty much it.

How about revisiting a couple of posts from this time last year?

In the first post, Your Blog has a few things to say to whiny, cry-baby, Taxed Enough Already, "victims" of mean old Uncle Sam. Feel free to share these thoughts with your own Tea Bagging friends.

In the second post, some advice on how to choose a tax preparer.

When you are done there, come on back and let me introduce you to one of my newer favorite bloggers.

Carl Petersen III blogs on as "The Different Drummer."

Patch is that AOL™ mega-site that masquerades as a bunch of local, community news sites.

Carl blogs from his home in Northridge, CA. But, I found him, and access him through my Ohio hometown's version.

He's got a lot of good stuff to say.

Tonight, he shares his thoughts about the current state of "Patriotism."

Go. Read. Show Carl some love.

Tell him that The Premature Curmudgeon sent you.

He'll have no idea what you are talking about.

A Quick Correction

First, The Blog is pretty happy to note that Friday's post about "Noah" has gone as close to viral as he could have ever dreamed.

The Friday-Saturday personal best just got left in the dust by the Saturday-Sunday view stats.


Welcome newcomers!

So, your humble PC noticed a glaring error on the "Noah" post.

With so many new eyes on the blog, I feel that I had better go ahead and address it.

Several times, The Blog used the word "profit" when he should have used the word "prophet."

In the context, it may have been a Freudian slip.

More likely, and if The Blog knows The Blog, it was just sloppy spelling.

Much appreciation goes out to those, including a Facebook™ commenter who took issue with The Blog's "one sentence at a time" writing style, (but liked the message, anyway,) who either ignored, or completely missed, the error.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Is This the New Bat Suit?

Before I get to tonight's post...

The Blog wants to give a great big "Thank you!" to the bloglitts who shared last night's post on the Facebook™.

Over 100 views in a 24 hour period.

A personal best!

Not Huffington Post numbers. But, probably never will be.

But, damn!


So, I don't know the origin of these photos. But, thanks to FOTB, Steve Jones, for sharing them.

This appears to be the concept art for the new "Superman vs. Batman" movie's Batman suit.

Gotta admit, If I was going to dress as a bat and fight bad guys, I would pick this suit over the traditional Spandex™, Body Glove™ or modified BMX gear. 

This suit makes me think of "The Dark Knight" trilogy's "Tumbler..."

Versus the Batmobiles of the past.

But, where is the cape?

Your PC is the proud owner of a "first draft" copy of Sam Hamm's screenplay of Tim Burton's 1989 "Batman."

A scene in that script, that didn't make the final cut, addressed the logistical problem of hanging a bunch of fabric off your back, during a fight.

But still.

A bat needs his wings.

I'll miss the cape.


Turns out, this is not the new Bat Suit. It's actually a villain from the latest "Arkham" video game.

But, it's still pretty cool. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Riiiight... What's an Ark?"

So, apparently, A movie version of the Biblical story of Noah and his boat opened in theaters, tonight.

To be honest, your Blog thought it opened last weekend.

Okay, to be really honest, the movie "Noah" was produced by Paramount Studios.

The Blog works at Paramount.

He is an employee of another division of the mega-corporation that owns Paramount.

So, aside from some confusion about the release date, The Blog knows all about the Noah movie.


Next week, the password for the studio's wifi network will be "noahsark."

You heard it here first.
The epic film is directed by Darren Aronofsky and stars Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly and Hermione Granger.

Kidding about the Hermione Granger thing.

Some more honesty...

The only reason that The Blog might, actually go see this movie is...

                                                                      Emma Watson.

Which would be totally creepy if it was "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."

But, she isn't 10-years-old anymore.

So, it's only a little bit creepy.

So anyway and also, too...

The movie is out and "lo, the fundies of every stripe, from Christianist to Islamist are not having it. There is much rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth over liberal, Godless, Hollywood's blasphemy."

First, the Muslims are pissed because, as many Christianists forget, much of the Old Testament, including the Book of Genesis, also makes up the content of the holy books of Islam and Judaism.

That's right. We are all "The Children of Abraham, yo."

The Muslims count Noah as a profit of God (aka: Allah.)  More so, in fact, than the Christians do. And Muslims are not at all down with any depiction of their holy profits in "art or entertainment."

So, they won't be lining up for popcorn and floods.

The Christianist poutrage is more baffling to me.

Yet some more honesty...

It blows The PC's mind that there are still modern Christians who take the story of Noah as literal fact.

Back when The Blog was a teen and still went to church, his pastor, the Reverend Doctor H. Richard Bucey gave a memorable youth sermon about the story of Noah and how it was a parable, intended to teach a lesson through, seriously absurd, humor.

Sort of a Biblical precursor to Mad Magazine.

But, what evs.

The fundie Christianists are totes pissed about the movie.

And, most of them have not even seen it.

They are super-duper angry that the movie's fictional story doesn't adhere to the Bible's fictional story,

And, they are extra pissed about that Godless heathen, Bill Mahr's take down of the whole thing.

I could post a bunch of links to examples of fundie anger.

But, I am just to lazy to do so.

There is this newfangled thing called Google™. Check it out.

Be sure to look for Glenn Beck's hilariously tone deaf take.

So, everyone who wants to be offended by a big budget, H'wood movie version of a Bible story gets to be offended.

Early reports have the movie doing boffo box office in it's first night on the screen.

As an employee of the corporate monolith that released the film, I have to say...

"Yay! Us!"

But, in the bigger picture...

Has there ever been so much righteous indignation over a H'wood depiction of a Biblical story?

Were these people this angry when Charlton Heston starred in...

                                                            The Ten Commandments?

Where was the poutrage for...

                                                          The Greatest Story Ever Told?

Were these H'wood adaptations absolute, word-for-word adaptations of their Biblical origins?

No, they sure were not.

Look. The Biblical story of Noah is Genesis chapters 6-9.

That's about three pages, or a dozen paragraph inches.

Do you want it short, sweet and totally irreverent? 

William H. Cosby, Ph.D., nailed it way back when.

Did this piss anyone off? No? Why not?

Do you want factual, Biblical accuracy?

Then go ahead and suck on "The Unicorn Song."

Written in the 1960s by the Jewish, African-American author Shel Silverstein...

Made popular by the not at all Irish, band of Canadians, "The Irish Rovers."

Still no poutrage over this oh so silly depiction of "Biblical fact."

No. Not much at all.

And why not?

Probably, (and Your Blog is just guessing, here...)

No one knew who Shel Silverstein was...

They had no idea that "The Irish Rovers" weren't .

And, the President at the time was a Texan who didn't have to prove it by presenting his birth certificate.

Moving on...

So turning the story of Noah into a two hour plus movie is going to require some artistic license.

Sort of in the same way that Dr. Suess' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" was going to have to pad the story if it was going to be successfully adapted into a half hour TV special, or a two hour movie.

If you can't cope with that, don't go see it.

Take comfort in the fact that, in the next few weeks, the Bishop T.D. Jakes produced...

                                                                  "Heaven Is For Real"

Which is totally based on a totally true story, because T.D. Jakes says so...

Is coming to a theater near you.

Or, you can Netflix or Redbox whatever lame movie Kirk Cameron is currently pushing,

Carry on.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Progressive Talk is Dead. Long Live Progressive Talk

Here in L.A. progressive talk radio is dead. With the corporate, right-wing take over of the former KTLK, (now KEIB, a suck up to anchor Rush Limbaugh,) Los Angeles now has three (3) right-wing, AM, talk radio stations. All low powered, low rated stations.

I now depend on the "Progressive Voices" app on my phone for my morning Stephanie Miller Show, as well as Bill Press, Thom Hartman, Jim Hightower and BradBlog. And the "I Heart Radio" app for Randi Rhodes. 

As Norman Goldman, once a regular on Al Franken's "Air America" show, (Say it with me, "Nor Man Gold Man") says...

"Since they (conservative talk) own the airwaves, we have no choice but to go digital or go home."
Meanwhile, the right-wing wants you to believe that their First Ammendment rights are being attacked.

It all makes your Blog a bit sick to his stomach. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Leonard!

It would be highly illogical if The Blog  did not acknowledge the fact that today is Leonard Nimoy's 83rd birthday.

The Blog is a recovering Trekkie.

Oh, who am I kidding?

I am a Trekkie. There is no recovering.

I didn't warm to all of the various iterations.

"Deep Space 9" and "Voyager" never really grabbed me.

The movies were hit or miss.

"Next Generation" took a while, but grew on me.

But, oh that original series.

And, truth be told, during the first installment of the J.J. Abrams reboot, your Blog wept, openly, when "old Spock" came face-to-face with "young Spock."

In The PC's 31 years in Hollywood, I have had two Nimoy encounters.

The first was in 1983. It was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the release of "King Kong" at H'wood's Chinese Theater.

The young Blog was one of the many fans on the wrong side of the ropes at the red carpet.

This was, actually, one of my first, classically Hollywood experiences.

Celebs were present as if it had been Oscar™ night. They paraded by, waving while we snapped pictures.

A frail Fay Wray, allowed me to, fleetingly, squeeze her hand.

Leonard's best friend and "Star Trek" costar, William Shatner, ignored us all. (Which, these days, we all understand is just "The Shat" being, well, shatty.)

Shortly after, Leonard, the Yin to Shatner's Yang, shook my hand, warmly, and allowed a moment for a photo op.

Fast forward to the year 2000.

Your Blog was working on the set of a comedy/action series that occupied several years of The Blog's life and career. (And, got Your PC's one and only, [so far] Emmy™ nomination.)

Leonard's son, Adam Nimoy, was directing the episode.

I was standing in the dark, just off camera, as I was want to do.

Have you ever experienced a moment when you are aware that someone is standing next to you? You don't know who or why. You are just aware of a presence?

That is what I experienced at that moment.

So, I turned to look, to see who was standing next to me.

There he was, Adam's dad, Mr. Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy, dropping by to watch his son work.

I reacted as any Trekkie would...

I, audibly, gasped.

Which was bad enough, but I made it worse.

I tried to stifle the gasp by clamping my hand over my mouth.

Because, WOW, could I have embarrassed myself even more?That is when Leonard responded to my embarrassment in the most awesome way possible.

He grinned a not at all Spock-like grin, and ...

Threw me a "Live long and prosper."

I reacted in the only way I could think of...

I tossed the "LLaP" sign back, with both hands.

"Ah!," he whispered, because we were shooting sound, "I see that you are bilingual! Most excellent!"

So, Happy 83rd birthday, Leonard Nimoy. You have lived long and prospered. Here is hoping that you live longer and prosper more.


And, now for something completely different...

Tonight marks the series finalé of one of The Blog's favorite shows.

The Blog bids a fond farewell to Shawn and Gus and the rest of the gang.

Happy trails, and all that.


Is this really "goodbye?"

Maybe not.

"Have you heard about Pluto? That's messed up!"

"Awwwww Yeahhhhhh."

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

American Gothic: Tea Party Hypocrisy Edition

If you have been a frequent visitor to this blog, (and I thank you, if you have,) you may have seen me comment on my next door neighbors to the west, once or twice.

Lovely people. Good neighbors. Our dogs play together and we exchange token gifts at Christmas.

They are good "Christians."

And, I put the word in quotation marks because they are that sort of fundamentalist Christian that does not identify as "Catholic," "Methodist," "Lutheran," "Baptist," etc... much in the way residents of The United States identify themselves as "American," excluding Canadians, Mexicans and all other citizens of North, Central and South America.

They are just "Christians."

"We do some pastoring..." They tell me.

The Blog has always been a bit confused about the "verbing" of the word "pastor."

Where I come from, "Pastor" is a title that is generally accompanied by a degree in theology, (often a PHd.,) and is an ordained clergyman.

*Full Disclosure*

Your Uncle PC is a duly ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.

Ten minutes on a website and BAM, I became The Reverend PC.


Just to see if it could really be done.

In the months since I pulled this stunt, I have had to fend off several, rather persistent, requests to officiate at weddings. A thing that I am profoundly unqualified to do.
Where was I?


My neighbors are "Christians" and they "pastor."

But, enough about religion.

On to politics. 

 This nice couple are hardcore Teabaggers.

If you have read my past comments about them, you already know that these far-right, anti-gubmint folks are living off of public assistance.

But, somehow, could afford to buy a house in The Blog's neighborhood.

She is a former public (gubmint) school teacher.

Currently collecting "disability."

I'm not judging here. I don't know the exact nature of her disability. But, she is quite capable of walking her four dogs every evening. She exhibits far more energy and mobility than Mrs. Blog who spends 3 and a half hours a day, four days a week, hooked to a dialysis machine, but still teaches in a public school five days a week.

Just sayin'.

He is a "landscaper" by trade.

Meaning, he mows lawns and plants an occasional tree.

And he is a "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" kind of guy.

Every day, (when I, myself, am not at work,) I see him pull his truck, (the one with the "I Resist... blah, blah, blah, something, something... the tyranny of Liberalism," bumper sticker,) out of his driveway, off to mow another lawn or plant another tree.

He returns around noon for lunch.

Sometimes he goes back out for a few hours.

Sometimes he doesn't.

But, good on him for being self sufficient.

Except, of course, for his wife's disability check.

So, this Blog has observed the tone deaf, anti-liberalism, that ignores the liberal benefits that allow this nice couple a decent living.

But today, serendipitously, This Blog discovered a new wrinkle in these nice people's hypocrisy.

Today, a union gubmint worker, a carrier for the socialist United States Postal System, screwed up the way union, socialist, gubmint employees do.

She delivered a piece of mail to me that was meant for the guy next door.

Due to the nature of The Blog's profession, it was a piece of mail that The Blog recognized, oh so well.

                                         California's Unemployment Insurance claim form.

Been there. Done that. Received the benefits.

Can you smell what The Blog is cooking?

The wife, a former public employee, receives a monthly check from the public safety net.

Because, Liberals.

The husband, while he rakes in, (with an actual rake,) a couple hundred dollars a day in under the table, tax free cash and personal checks...

Is also collecting Unemployment Insurance payments from that public safety net.


Because, Liberals. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy Hellboy Day!

Congratulations to Mike Mignola and my old friends at Dark Horse Comics on the 20th anniversary of "Hellboy."

"Boris the Bear," "Barb Wire," "Concrete" and even "The Mask" are all distant, fond memories.

But today, that big, red, cigar chompin', gun totin'," cat lovin', half-demon is still fighting for truth, justice and the American way.

Keep it up, big guy!

Friday, March 21, 2014

What I Love About Facebook: Redux

Your humble Blog has commented on this before.

But, after perusing his Facebook wall covering the last 24 hours, The Blog feels the need to comment again.

When I post a status update or share a meme, I do so for my own amusement.

When friends and family "like" or comment on the post, that is just gravy.

But, perusing the "likes" and comments reminds me, every day, of how diverse...

And when I say "diverse" I mean "weird..."

My circle of friends and family is.

Your Blog committed a post on the Facebook, last night that was "liked" and/or commented on by...

A make-up artist...

An award winning journalist...

An actress...

A Disney Imagineer...

A lesbian...

A far right Conservative...

My sister...

A retired porn star...


My Mom.

Facebook, like politics, makes strange bedfellows.

And that is what I love about Facebook.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Lee Papa, aka: The Rude Pundit, college professor by day, blogger by night, is one of The PC's most favoritest bloggers.

Funny. Smart.  Liberal. Scathing. Vulgar. Sometimes even obscene.

Did I mention funny?

Oh yeah. And he's rude.

It's not just a clever name.

If you like The PC's blog, you should go check his out.

If you don't like The PC's blog, you probably shouldn't.

Earlier today, The Rude One took to Twitter, Facebook and his blog to to alert his readers that he accidentally killed his Blogger template and now has a new look.

                                                               Does this look familiar?

Lee, Lee, Lee, it's okay!

You don't have to make up some bullshit technical excuse.

The Blog understands.

Imitation is, after all, the sincerest form of flattery.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Book of Mormon: A Review

The danger in seeing a Broadway show for the first time, after it has been around for a while and garnered critical acclaim, boffo box office and a Tony™ award, is that one can go into it with unrealistically high expectations only to be a bit disappointed.

My reaction to "Wicked" after finally seeing it last year was, "It was okay."

The national touring company of "The Book of Mormon" is running it's second lap around the country and is currently at The Pantages theater, in Hollywood.

And Mrs. Blog and I attended last night.

Being the brainchild of "South Park's" Trey Parker and Matt Stone, I had a pretty good idea of the expectations I should have.

Hyper-kinetic, over-the-top performances. Cartoonish voices that border on shrieky, sunny, or in the case of a few male African characters, baritone to bass. Dick jokes. Sets that managed to be minimalist and spectacular at the same time. Vagina jokes.
Jesus and Satan. Diarrhea jokes. Hitler, Jeffery Dahmer and Johnny Cochran. Vulgar language. Pop culture gags. Gay jokes. And a no-holds-barred, "not a fucking thing is sacred" attitude.

That is what I expected.

And "The Book of Mormon" (henceforth referred to as "BofM,") delivered and then some.

Parker and Stone are masters at poking at the absurdities and hypocrisies of religion in general and the fringier edges, specifically.

A few years back, Parker and Stone incurred the wrath of the Scientologists when they savaged the cult on an episode of "South Park." They responded to the Scientology fatwa by doing what they do best. They doubled down in later episodes.

"BofM's" satirical depiction of The Church of Latter Day Saints is different.

Oh, they pound on the absurdities. Israelites boating to and taking residence in the ancient, future United States. Jesus dropping by during the three days between his crucifixion and resurrection. Magic underwear. And The Blog's personal favorite. The gold plates that no one has ever actually seen.

But, the skewering that "BofM" gives the LDS had a gentler tone than Stone and Parker gave Scientology.

It was almost affectionate.

Now, I am not a Mormon. So, it is not my place to guess the extent that the LDS church may or may not be offended by the shenanigans. But, I'm thinking, not very.

Either Mormons have more of a sense of humor than we might imagine...

Or else, they are just pragmatic.

The Church of Latter Day Saints took out not one, but four full page ads in the "BofM" Playbill, along the lines of, "You have seen the play. Now read the book!" and, "The book is always better!" 

Pretty smooth, if you ask me. (Or, factoring in a millionaire, failed presidential candidate, maybe the word I am looking for is "opportunistic.")

To no one's surprise, (mostly because we are warned on the ticket itself,) the language is "explicit" and the humor is scatological. If that bothers you, you should probably steer clear. But, then, if that bothers you, you should probably steer clear of this blog as well.

In one of Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide" novels, we are told that in every culture on every planet in the universe, with the exception of Earth, the word "Belgium" is considered the most obscene word in every language. An intergalactic filmmaker receives the intergalactic equivalent of The Oscar™ for "The Most Gratuitous Use of the Word Belgium."

"BofM" won a Tony™ for "Best Musical" a few years back. If the Tony™ awards had had a category for "The Most Gratuitous Use of the Word Fuck," they would have won that, too.

Summarizing the show's plot would be a Herculean effort. So, I won't.

I'll send you on over to Wikipedia and let them do the heavy lifting.

Being a Broadway comedy set in Africa..

                                                           "Lion King" jokes abound.

One of the great things about live theater, there is always room for topical humor.

A running gag, that I assume has been in the play from the start, is one character's inability to pronounce the name of the beautiful African ingenue...


Over the course of the show, he calls her "Jon Bon Jovi," "Neutrogena," etc.

But, this is a gag that has waited, for over three years, for John Travolta to provide the final punchline.

                                                                      (If you get it.)

One casting surprise...

One of the lead roles, the part of "Elder Price," is played by David Larson, who originated the role of "Tunny" in the original Broadway cast of "Green Day's American Idiot."

                                                            With costar, Cody Strand.

Your Uncle PC had the pleasure of applying guy-liner and painting tattoos on David for a television appearance a couple of years ago.

While the entire cast of "BofM" was astonishingly good, I want to single David out.

Going from "A.I.'s" bored, suburban, slacker punk to "BofM's" ambitious, energetic, missionary demonstrates the range of a consummate actor.

Which brings us to the music.

And, this is where I am ambivalent and confused.

Lyrics by Stone and Parker, music by Robert Lopez ("Avenue Q" and Disney's "Frozen...")

Is energetic and fun. Virtually every song is a show-stopper.

But, the minute I left the theater, I could not have hummed a single bar if a gun was held to my head.

Maybe if I had the album on my iPod™ it would be different.

But, no.

In fact, that applies to the whole show.

I enjoyed the hell out of it while it was happening. And at a run time of over two hours (plus intermission,) I certainly got my money's worth.

But, like the newspaper comics page, or a piece of chewing gum...

Or an episode of "South Park..."

As enjoyable as it was in the moment, as soon as it was over...

It was gone.

Mental masturbation, if you will.

An entertaining trifle, if you prefer.

"BofM" is playing at The Pantages until mid-May with a later run in Costa Mesa. It's likely coming to a city near you, sometime soon.

The Blog recommends it. By all means, go see it if you get the chance. Just don't expect a lasting impression.

Traditionally, whenever this Blog reviews a show at The Pantages, he devotes  a couple of sentences to complain about the shitty sound at that theater.

Something different, tonight.

The sound engineer for "BofM" proved, once and for all, that the problem isn't the theater. The theater's acoustics were perfect. The sound was crystal clear. Major props to the "BofM" audio department for getting it right! 

One bit of trivia...

The character of the Ugandan warlord, "General Butt Fuck Naked," was based on a real person. (The Wikipedia entry might address this, but I didn't read that far,)

General "Butt Naked" was a real person. A murderous, bloody, nasty, Liberian warlord who earned his nickname by going into battle... well... butt naked.

At one time, he was dubbed "The most evil man in the world."

Like his "BofH" doppelganger, he converted to Christianity and lived out the rest of his life as a missionary.

                                                      aka: Pastor Joshua Milton Blahyl

Because, truth is stranger than fiction.

Saint Patrick's Day is almost over.

The Blog would be remiss to not mention it.

I hope you had a good one.

In keeping with the Parker/Stone, "South Park" theme...

This feels appropriate.

                                                                     "You bastards!"

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fox "News": "Overtime Makes Lazy Time."

The deep thinkers over at Fox "News" believe, (or, at least, want you to believe,) that overtime pay undermines work ethic.

Go on over to YouTube™ and spend 2 minutes and 6 seconds watching a montage that drives the point home.

I'll wait.

Did you watch that?

Don't lie to The Blog, because The Blog knows.

All right then.


Now, I don't want to get preachy, here...

[pause for laughter]

But, bullshit.

Overtime pay encourages work ethic, and I can prove it.

For about a decade now, here in Hollywood-land, lawmakers have attempted to pass legislation to limit the hours that a TV or film crew can work.

And for good reason.

It is not uncommon for episodic television and feature films to work 12, 14, 18 hour days.

And working an 18 hour day makes the simple act of driving home a dangerous thing. There have been several cases, in the last 10 years, that film crew members have nodded off at the wheel and gotten themselves, or others, killed.

And, that doesn't even include the fatal mistakes that can happen on the set after 12 hours.

                                        Just ask Brandon Lee. But, don't wait for an answer.

Two guesses who vehemently opposes limiting work hours on TV and Film sets.

That's right.

The crew members and their unions.


Because, while we, for the most part, make a pretty decent wage, the real money doesn't happen until overtime.

And, as much as we lazy, entitled, union members like a short day, we are stoked to work the extra hours in order to earn some real dollars. So we can, you know, pay our mortgages.

*Case In Point*

Back in the late "90s - early "00s, The Blog worked on, what was then, the lowest paying episodic series on television.

But, because we worked 12 to 18 hour days, Five days a week, your Uncle PC earned more money during those years that he has anywhere else. And, I did so without complaint. Because I knew, when the paycheck arrived, I would receive fair and lucrative compensation for my hard work.

Working harder and longer = better pay.

"Overtime pay undermines work ethic." My skinny, white ass.


And another thing...

Every single one of those blow-dried, hair-sprayed talking heads on Fox are card carrying members of A.F.T.R.A. 

So, do not think for a minute that they are not getting "time and a half" if they are on the lot for more than eight hours.

Which brings up one more canard...

They keep talking about "overtime after 40 hours."

That is another odious notion that state legislators keep failing to pass.

But, in most states, that is not how overtime works.

Overtime does not come after 40 hours at the end of the week. The very idea is just insane.

Overtime happens after eight hours in one day. (And really gets good after 12 hours. We in "the industry" call that "golden time." )

Think of it from this perspective...

While the "folks" at Fox "News" are paid obscene wages and collecting union guaranteed overtime and other benefits...

They want you to believe that overtime (and unions) will make you lazy.

I don't know about you.

But, I'm not having it.

The Blog's Mom is on Facebook

The Blog's 82-year-old Mom is now on Facebook.

The Blog's dad is a tech wizard. He was a systems analyst decades before computers were cool.

So it should not be surprising that The PC's mom and dad are on the bleeding edge of computer tech.

They owned a home P.C. before I did. They had a DVR and satellite TV when The Blog was still taping shows on a VCR.

They regularly text and Skype™ with some of the kids and grandkids.

And The Blog is lagging behind.

But the whole social media thing didn't catch on with them.

The Blog's Mom has had a Facebook page for over a year.

The Blog, Jr. and The Blog's nephew set a page up for her, over a year ago.

But, she had no idea how to access her page.

A couple of days ago, someone helped my mom access her FB page.

And now, she is active.

The first ever comment I got from my mom was on a post I shared from my favorite, sciencey page, I Fucking Love Science.

Her comment...

"Watch your language, son."

Me: "Mommmmm!" It's not my language! I was just sharing!"

Because, seriously, I am 54 years old and will post what I want to post.

The Blog keeps a handle on his FB posts,

Vulgar language is the bailiwick of this space.

But, my Mom's understanding of FB takes on a sit-com level of hilarity when she responds to posts that she likes.

When she likes a post, she doesn't click on the "like" button.

She types, "like" in the comments thread.

Bless her heart.