Sunday, March 30, 2014

Is This the New Bat Suit?

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So, I don't know the origin of these photos. But, thanks to FOTB, Steve Jones, for sharing them.

This appears to be the concept art for the new "Superman vs. Batman" movie's Batman suit.

Gotta admit, If I was going to dress as a bat and fight bad guys, I would pick this suit over the traditional Spandex™, Body Glove™ or modified BMX gear. 

This suit makes me think of "The Dark Knight" trilogy's "Tumbler..."

Versus the Batmobiles of the past.

But, where is the cape?

Your PC is the proud owner of a "first draft" copy of Sam Hamm's screenplay of Tim Burton's 1989 "Batman."

A scene in that script, that didn't make the final cut, addressed the logistical problem of hanging a bunch of fabric off your back, during a fight.

But still.

A bat needs his wings.

I'll miss the cape.


Turns out, this is not the new Bat Suit. It's actually a villain from the latest "Arkham" video game.

But, it's still pretty cool. 

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