Tuesday, March 25, 2014

American Gothic: Tea Party Hypocrisy Edition

If you have been a frequent visitor to this blog, (and I thank you, if you have,) you may have seen me comment on my next door neighbors to the west, once or twice.

Lovely people. Good neighbors. Our dogs play together and we exchange token gifts at Christmas.

They are good "Christians."

And, I put the word in quotation marks because they are that sort of fundamentalist Christian that does not identify as "Catholic," "Methodist," "Lutheran," "Baptist," etc... much in the way residents of The United States identify themselves as "American," excluding Canadians, Mexicans and all other citizens of North, Central and South America.

They are just "Christians."

"We do some pastoring..." They tell me.

The Blog has always been a bit confused about the "verbing" of the word "pastor."

Where I come from, "Pastor" is a title that is generally accompanied by a degree in theology, (often a PHd.,) and is an ordained clergyman.

*Full Disclosure*

Your Uncle PC is a duly ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.

Ten minutes on a website and BAM, I became The Reverend PC.


Just to see if it could really be done.

In the months since I pulled this stunt, I have had to fend off several, rather persistent, requests to officiate at weddings. A thing that I am profoundly unqualified to do.
Where was I?


My neighbors are "Christians" and they "pastor."

But, enough about religion.

On to politics. 

 This nice couple are hardcore Teabaggers.

If you have read my past comments about them, you already know that these far-right, anti-gubmint folks are living off of public assistance.

But, somehow, could afford to buy a house in The Blog's neighborhood.

She is a former public (gubmint) school teacher.

Currently collecting "disability."

I'm not judging here. I don't know the exact nature of her disability. But, she is quite capable of walking her four dogs every evening. She exhibits far more energy and mobility than Mrs. Blog who spends 3 and a half hours a day, four days a week, hooked to a dialysis machine, but still teaches in a public school five days a week.

Just sayin'.

He is a "landscaper" by trade.

Meaning, he mows lawns and plants an occasional tree.

And he is a "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" kind of guy.

Every day, (when I, myself, am not at work,) I see him pull his truck, (the one with the "I Resist... blah, blah, blah, something, something... the tyranny of Liberalism," bumper sticker,) out of his driveway, off to mow another lawn or plant another tree.

He returns around noon for lunch.

Sometimes he goes back out for a few hours.

Sometimes he doesn't.

But, good on him for being self sufficient.

Except, of course, for his wife's disability check.

So, this Blog has observed the tone deaf, anti-liberalism, that ignores the liberal benefits that allow this nice couple a decent living.

But today, serendipitously, This Blog discovered a new wrinkle in these nice people's hypocrisy.

Today, a union gubmint worker, a carrier for the socialist United States Postal System, screwed up the way union, socialist, gubmint employees do.

She delivered a piece of mail to me that was meant for the guy next door.

Due to the nature of The Blog's profession, it was a piece of mail that The Blog recognized, oh so well.

                                         California's Unemployment Insurance claim form.

Been there. Done that. Received the benefits.

Can you smell what The Blog is cooking?

The wife, a former public employee, receives a monthly check from the public safety net.

Because, Liberals.

The husband, while he rakes in, (with an actual rake,) a couple hundred dollars a day in under the table, tax free cash and personal checks...

Is also collecting Unemployment Insurance payments from that public safety net.


Because, Liberals. 

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