Friday, March 14, 2014

The Blog's Mom is on Facebook

The Blog's 82-year-old Mom is now on Facebook.

The Blog's dad is a tech wizard. He was a systems analyst decades before computers were cool.

So it should not be surprising that The PC's mom and dad are on the bleeding edge of computer tech.

They owned a home P.C. before I did. They had a DVR and satellite TV when The Blog was still taping shows on a VCR.

They regularly text and Skype™ with some of the kids and grandkids.

And The Blog is lagging behind.

But the whole social media thing didn't catch on with them.

The Blog's Mom has had a Facebook page for over a year.

The Blog, Jr. and The Blog's nephew set a page up for her, over a year ago.

But, she had no idea how to access her page.

A couple of days ago, someone helped my mom access her FB page.

And now, she is active.

The first ever comment I got from my mom was on a post I shared from my favorite, sciencey page, I Fucking Love Science.

Her comment...

"Watch your language, son."

Me: "Mommmmm!" It's not my language! I was just sharing!"

Because, seriously, I am 54 years old and will post what I want to post.

The Blog keeps a handle on his FB posts,

Vulgar language is the bailiwick of this space.

But, my Mom's understanding of FB takes on a sit-com level of hilarity when she responds to posts that she likes.

When she likes a post, she doesn't click on the "like" button.

She types, "like" in the comments thread.

Bless her heart.

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