Sunday, March 9, 2014

Annie in "Post Racial" America

Just a quick post, tonight.

Your Uncle PC is suffering from having an hour of his life sucked out of him.

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while have probably figured out that, for a straight guy, The Blog is a bit of a theater queen.

The PC does love him some Broadway.

That said, there are a couple of hugely popular Broadway musicals that The Blog simply cannot abide.

My second least favorite musical, ever, is...

As a young bloggling, I read the comic strip everyday. As an adult, in hindsight, I "get" the dark, biting satire of the strip.

It was bad enough that the musical stripped most of the satire from the story and replaced it with sappy optimism.

But, oh those songs.

Painful ear-worms, many of which were screeched out by a throng of children.

(Don't get me wrong. A whole lot of talent could be found among those kids. But, it seems to me that, the larger the group of kids singing, no matter how individually talented, the more discordant the sound becomes. Unless we are talking about the Vienna Boys Choir or the Trapp Family Singers.)

Seriously, repeated playing of "It's a Hard Knock Life" could torture me into confessing to the 9/11 attacks, the assassinations of JFK and RFK, and the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby.

So, when it was announced, a while back, that after the original B'way run, a movie, countless community theater productions, and a TV movie just a couple of years ago, a new movie version of "Annie" was in production, The Blog was less than underwhelmed.

And then, something weird happened.

Today, Mrs. Blog and I went to see "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" at our local AMC.

*Actual Conversation*

Me: Two for the 12:40 "Mr. Peabody."

Box Office Person: Any children?

Me: ... No...

Before we took a nostalgic ride on the WABAC machine, we watched the trailer for the new "Annie."

You can watch it here. 

And it looks amazing.

Speaking of time travel...

The new "Annie" has gone back to the future and has been updated to the year 2014.

No dated WWII era story is this.

From the looks of it, this production has brought back the political and social satire that made the comic strip great. But, satire for the 21st century.

"Daddy Warbucks" (a WWII joke that still held up a decade ago under Cheney/Bush,) has been replaced by Jamie Foxx as 1%er Benjamin "Will" Stacks.

A decidedly unglamorous Cameron Diaz as Mrs. Hannigan is a hoot.

And then, there is the young Oscar™ nominated actress, Quvenzhané Wallis...

(My "spell-check" just told me to go fuck myself.)

...In the title role.

Just a kid in Louisiana a couple of years ago, now one of Hollywood's hottest new stars.

And holy cow! That young Ms. Wallis can sing!

(Those of you who have been around for a while may have noticed that this Blog avoids using exclamation points when he writes. So, you can see how serious I am about Ms. Wallis' talent.)

(I am calling her "Ms. Wallis" so that my spell-check doesn't go all HAL 9000 on me.)

Did you watch the trailer, above?

If you didn't, go watch it. If you did, watch it again.

Now, tell me you didn't get all wet in the eyes listening to her rendition of "Tomorrow."

When the new "Annie" comes out this winter, This Blog will be the first in line to see it.

Which brings me to this...

In our, supposedly, "post racial" America...

Haters are gonna hate.

The same "real 'Mercans" who will never eat Cheerios™ again, thanks to a couple of commercials featuring an interracial couple and their ultra-adorable biracial kid, have taken to the Twitterverse and twatted out a whole butt-load of "I'm not a racist, but..." racism.

Head on over to for a fascinating commentary about this.

I'm done for tonight. So, you don't have to come back after you read it.

But, do come back tomorrow night. For some other post about something else.

See you then.

Oh! Wait!

I hear you ask, "Uncle PC. If "Annie" is your second least favorite musical, what is your first, least favorite?"

And I answer...

                                                               Man, I hate "Grease."

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