Friday, March 28, 2014

Progressive Talk is Dead. Long Live Progressive Talk

Here in L.A. progressive talk radio is dead. With the corporate, right-wing take over of the former KTLK, (now KEIB, a suck up to anchor Rush Limbaugh,) Los Angeles now has three (3) right-wing, AM, talk radio stations. All low powered, low rated stations.

I now depend on the "Progressive Voices" app on my phone for my morning Stephanie Miller Show, as well as Bill Press, Thom Hartman, Jim Hightower and BradBlog. And the "I Heart Radio" app for Randi Rhodes. 

As Norman Goldman, once a regular on Al Franken's "Air America" show, (Say it with me, "Nor Man Gold Man") says...

"Since they (conservative talk) own the airwaves, we have no choice but to go digital or go home."
Meanwhile, the right-wing wants you to believe that their First Ammendment rights are being attacked.

It all makes your Blog a bit sick to his stomach. 

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