Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bonus Post: Only in L.A. Edition

"This is the city. Los Angeles, California."

Where it seems like, all over the Greater Los Angeles area, one election day or another is always imminent.

There never seems to be a time in L.A. that the front yards, median strips, business windows and light poles aren't littered with campaign signs.

"Vote for Joe Blow for City Council."

"Re-elect Mayor Jackson Wanker."

And so on and etc.

One would think that Los Angeles and it's suburbs could pull their shit together and hold all of their elections on the same day of the same month, then give it a rest for a year or two.

But no.

The campaigning goes on and on.

Which brings The Blog to the point of this post.

Political campaigns aside...

Another campaign is looming in Los Angeles.

                                                               The Emmy™ Awards.

And on his way to work, yesterday...

                                             The PC spotted these signs in someone's yard.

Now, production companies always take out ads in "the trades" and put up billboards around L.A.

"For Your Consideration!!!"

Companies send DVDs of shows out to anyone in "The Industry" who might, possibly, be Academy voters.


Academy voters are, a sort of, secret society. 

Like The Illuminatti.

Or gay Republicans.

So, production companies send their "For Your Consideration" promos at any and every possible voter.

It is one of the perks of being in "The Industry."

*End Digression*

But, until yesterday, The Blog has never seen yard signs.

Based on the neighborhood that this yard is in, the owner is either...

.... a writer...

... a producer...

... or, most likely...

(based on the one thing these two shows have in common,)

... an executive at Netflix™.

The Blog had only one thought, as he snapped a picture with his iPhone™,

"Only in L.A."

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