Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Arizona Hotshots, Franz Kafka and What's Coming Soon

Bits and pieces.

First off...

The PC's heart goes out to the families, friends and fellow firefighters of those 19 "Hotshot" firefighters who lost their lives, this weekend, battling the forrest fires in Arizona.

I have been told, although I have not fact-checked it, that more firefighters died in this weekend's conflagration than died during the 9/11 attack.



Not surprisingly, the vile cockroaches who have misappropriated the title "Christians," have poked their heads out of their hidey-holes to spread the disease that they carry.

Especially not surprising...

The pustulant Phelps family, aka: The Westborough Baptist Cult Church...

...aka" the "God hates fags, dead soldiers, slaughtered children, America, and now...

... firefighters," church cult family whatever this small, but loud, wastes of protoplasm call themselves...

... were the first out of the gate.

The Blog could devote a post to these sub-human pieces of shit.

But, he can't do it better than the folks at did.

So, The PC will leave the light lifting to them. 

Nearly as predictable, but not as specific...

... two shit stains who identify themselves as "Colorado pastors," Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner, appeared on some low end "Christian" radio talk show, and confirmed what The PC has always suspected...

... The "God" that is worshiped and feared by the likes of Swanson and Buehner, is a sick and twisted, sadistic monster, that bares not one bit of a resemblance to the loving, benevolent God of The New Testament.

You can read the transcripts and listen to the audio, here.

Speaking of cockroaches...

Today would have been the 130th birthday of Franz Kafka.

Kafka was a surrealist, in his time.

If he were alive today, he might have been considered a "realist.

He, also, would have been pretty old.



The Blog is going to have to go off the grid for a few days.

He's working on something big.

So big that he may have to flee to China and then to Russia.

Then, he may have to live in the Moscow airport for a while.

Like Tom Hanks did in that movie that The PC can't remember the name of.

Just kidding.

Actually, The PC is finally ready to deliver the long promised ass-kicking of a delusional Ayn Rand acolyte.

The truth is, The Blog has taken so long to get on it that he has misplaced some of the points that he plans to address.

So, he will spend the next few days finding those points, and, in the meantime, taking some time to enjoy the Fourth of July holiday.

See ya in a few.

And don't put any eyes out or blow off any fingers while you celebrate.

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