Friday, July 19, 2013

Reboots & Remakes

The Blog needs to take a break from carrying on about shit that actually matters in the world.

So, tonight, let's take a breather and consider a subject that is, in the grand scheme of things, massively unimportant, but occupies a place near and dear to The PC's heart.

Movie remakes and reboots.

Before I get started, go read this post from one of The Blog's favorite web sites,

I'll wait.

Okay, you're back.


Hollywood has embraced the notion of the "reboot."

And I am okay with that.

The PC tends to get excited whenever Hollywood announces an adaptation of a literary property that The PC loves.

But not without some trepidation.

More often than not, Hollywood "screws the pooch" and gives us a totally fucked up version of the original that totally misses the very thing that made the original great.


                                                                 "Howard the Duck,"


                                                  "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

Not so long ago, Hollywood fuck ups like these would mean that there would never be a proper movie adaptation attempted in The Blog's lifetime.

Enter the Reboot.

The definition from The Premature Curmudgeon's official dictionary defines the reboot thusly...
 Reboot (noun): The admission by Hollywood movie studios that they royally fucked up a potential franchise, and are now willing to invest in an attempt to fix the problem by pretending that the previous adaptation of a project never happened, in order to make said potential franchise viable.
 The reboot is a good thing, in The Blog's opinion.

The reboot allowed The Blog to live long enough to witness Warner Bros. shit-canning of the legacy of the hideous, big budget camp-fest that was..

                                                                "Batman and Robin"

... to reboot the Batman franchise with Chris Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy.

Arguably the best comic book based films ever made.

Bottom line...

A bad movie no longer means that a better version will never happen.

That makes The PC happy.

If a reboot of "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" gives us the movie or series that it deserves, then, carry on!

Sign me up! I am on board!

Now, how about a proper Howard the Duck reboot? 

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