Monday, July 29, 2013

Another Sad Passing

This past Sunday, Dallas based syndicated radio personality David "Kidd" Kraddick died suddenly in New Orleans, while playing golf in a fundraising tournament benefiting his own charitable foundation "Kidd's Kids."

I have never heard his radio show. I have caught him a couple of times on the syndicated television show "Dish Nation."

I may have never known who he was, but for the fact that he has made numerous appearances, over the last few years, on a couple of the TV shows that I work on.

He made those appearances, not to hawk books or his own shows, but to promote awareness of his foundation. "Kidd's Kids," his philanthropic endeavor dedicated to bringing joy to chronically and terminally ill children.

I didn't know him well. At best, I would have to call him "an acquaintance."

But, he was always friendly and funny and always took the time to hang with the crew.

He was one of the good ones. And he will be missed.

But here is the thing that has me shaken...

Kidd would have celebrated his 54th birthday on August 22.

That makes him about two weeks older than me.

He was handsome, slim, highly energetic and, at least, somewhat athletic.

Me? I'm, okay, kind of cute, but a good 35 pounds overweight and you will never find me on a golf course.

The preliminary autopsy report found that Kidd had an enlarged heart and cardiac disease.

Jefferson Parish Deputy Coroner Dr. Granville Morse told The Dallas Morning News...
"His heart was enlarged. You have several vessels, and three were diseased -- the worst of which was 80 percent blocked. That combination, an enlarged heart and cardiac disease, when someone dies like this it's usually dysrhythmia, which leads to an irregular heartbeat."

"Imagine you turned off the faucet for the blood to go back to the brain. It not only doesn't get to the brain, but it doesn't get to the heart. Both stop working simultaneously."
I smoke, I drink, I eat all of the wrong foods. Most of my joints hurt when I move and mowing the lawn is my idea of exercise.

And yet, here I am tonight, alive and well, and writing about Kidd's death.


It's a strange old world, isn't it?

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