Monday, July 29, 2013

Bonus Post: Ann Coulter's Ears

Over the last couple of weeks, right-wing pin-up girl, Ann Coulter has been making the talk show rounds, pimping her latest book, entitled...

Oh, who the fuck gives a shit?

The point is that everyone from Fox "News" to Bill Maher have been giving her a platform to spew her vile bile.

And The Blog has a thought or two on the subject.

So, here we go.

As we have established, The PC is a make-up artist, by profession.

I have done her make-up several times. She hugs me when she sees me and has called me "awesome."

I find this incredibly hilarious.

The first time I found out she was going to be on our show, I was livid that we were giving her a platform. As it turns out, every time she comes on, she gets her boney ass handed to her.

So, this...

Yeah, she has a visible Adam's apple.

Not, in The Blog's layman's opinion, because "she is a transsexual."

The Blog considers the innuendo that she is "Man Coulter" offensive on behalf of the transsexuals that he knows and loves.

Again, in my layman's opinion, her Adam's apple is visible because she suffers from anorexia.

She shows all of the symptoms.

But, never mind that.

The thing about Ann Coulter that freaks The Blog out, is...

                                                                      ... her ears.

The freakiest, fucking ears that The PC has ever seen, this side of "Star Trek's" Ferengis.

They just are not right.

The Blog just had to put that out there.

Thanks for listening.

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