Friday, July 12, 2013

Dave Allen At Large

It's been a night or two since The Blog posted something new.

Which, for a blog is not a good thing.

A blog has to publish on a regular basis, or readers get board and distracted by other blogs and before you know it...

... the blogger is, pretty much, talking to himself.

Which may be a bit less healthy than...

... well...

... publishing a blog on a regular basis.

My point is...

(What the fuck was my point?)

Oh, yeah!

My point is that, some nights, This Blog is too damned exhausted from working an actual job, to write anything particularly clever.

Fortunately, The Blog occasionally mentions something in a post that gives him an easy follow up when it suits him.

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned Irish comedian Dave Allen.

                                                                           This guy.

The Blog hit YouTube™ and discovered a whole ass load of clips of Dave.

Here is a good one to get you started.

For a whole lot more, search Dave Allen at Large on YouTube™.



On that last Dave Allen post, a friend asked, "Is that the guy with the finger?"

The Blog's response was something like, "If you mean the guy who stirs his whiskey and rocks with his finger, yes."

After 30 some years, The PC's memory failed him.

The PC's response should have read, "If you mean the guy with half a finger, yes."

Dave is missing half of his left index finger.

Which, he claimed, was dissolved away from years of stirring his whiskey with it.

Seems legit.

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