Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Mid-Summer Saturday Night Fever Dream

Hey, my L.A. people!!!!

If you have never seen The Troubadour Theater Company (aka: "The Troubies,") in action...

Well, what are you waiting for?

The Troubies may well be the funniest group of humans on the planet!

They are a unique mash-up of Shakespeare, rock and/or pop music and pee your pants comedy.

They have also won numerous "Ovation Awards."

If you watch television, (and who doesn't?} you have seen Troubie founder and director Matt Walker, most recently, on "CSI" and "Bones."

I don't know why, but comedians make the best villains.

Troubie cofounder and second in command, Beth Walker, is currently appearing in  a Daisy Sour Cream commercial.

FOTB Larry Poindexter, sometime Troubie member, shows up, pretty much everywhere, from "The Mentalist" to "Perception."

Lisa Valenzuela produces Russell Brand's FX show "Brand X."

Most of The Troubies can be seen in, pretty much, every movie directed by Gary Marshall in the last decade.

Are you not, yet, convinced?

Then check out a few clips from their past shows.

"Hamlet: The Artist Formerly Known as Prince of Denmark"

"As U2 Like It"

Wringing comedy out of one of The Bard's darkest plays, "Othello" was no mean trick.

But, they did it.

But, it was still dark.

Check out this clip from "OthE.L.O"...

Dark, disturbing, and funny.

Matt Walker as Iago and the cast perform one of their most brilliant bits.

They don't always do Shakespeare.

Check out this clip from "Alice in One Hit Wonderland 2: Through the Looking Glass." 

And, every December, The Troubies take on a Christmas classic...

"Frosty the Snow Manillow," "A Charlie James Brown Christmas," "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reign-Doors," or, "Santa Claus is Coming to Motown."

The Troubies' Christmas show has become a holiday tradition in The Blog's household.

Following their sold out run at The Falcon Theater in Toluca Lake, they are performing a one weekend run of "A Mid-Summer Saturday Night Fever Dream" at The La Mirada Theater for the Performing Arts this coming weekend and I have been informed that tickets are still available.

Mrs. Blog and I will be there on Sunday the 14th. (Because, we never miss a Troubie show!)

Hurry up and get your tickets now.

You can thank me later!

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