Sunday, July 14, 2013

"A Riot is an Ugly Thing..."

In the weeks leading up to the verdict in the George Zimmerman case, "The Media," (and even some of The Blog's own friends,) engaged in a round of hand wringing over the idea that, if Zimmerman was found "not guilty," there would be rioting in the streets.

This "call to arms" was led by the right-wing punditry.

Yesterday, the "not guilty" verdict was read.

And a funny thing happened.

There has been outrage expressed.

There have been protests.

There have been rallies.

Do you know what there haven't been?


Not one.

So predictably, the "conservative" blogosphere and media responded by doing what they do best.

They made shit up.

You can read about their bogus "proof" of rioting, here.

That's right.

The riot in the video that has gone viral took place in Canada in 2011.


Now, before all y'all start sending me...

This link...

Los Angeles Trayvon Martin Protests Turn Violent After George Zimmerman Verdict

Know that I have already seen it.

And, I have read it and re-read it three times.

According to the story...

"...about 200 protesters stood on the southbound 10 Freeway in Crenshaw to block traffic."
"...police fired rubber bullets in order to disperse the crowd and ended up arresting at least one person on suspicion of throwing rocks and bottles at an officer."
The "violence" consisted of protesters holding up traffic on the 10 freeway for 24 minutes.

(Admittedly, not the smartest way to win hearts and minds in Los Angeles.)

Police fired rubber bullets and a couple of rocks and bottles may have been thrown.


This is Los Angeles.

We know from riots.

THIS was NOT a riot.

Now, I like The Huffington Post.

I have worked with Arianna, herself, a couple of times.

I have a few friends who contribute to HuffPo on a fairly regular basis.

But, HuffPo should be ashamed of themselves for using such a hyperbolic headline for this story.

And to my friends who slept with one eye open, their preferred fire arm on the night-stand...

... You should be a little bit ashamed, too.

Tomorrow night, a story about our dysfunctional justice system, and why I am not buying the argument that the Zimmerman jury did the right thing. 

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