Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The Blog isn't trying to stretch out his last rant about George Zimmerman like Peter Jackson stretching out The Hobbit.

The truth is, The PC got on line late tonight, and is still catching up with the very topic that he wants to address.

So, here's looking toward tomorrow night.

In the meantime...

A couple of posts ago, The Blog regaled you with a story of jury duty, and how justice has been replaced by lawyerly acrobatics. 

The PC, just today, stumbled across a blog post by one of his favorite bloggers, television writer and producer Earl Pomerantz.

(Check out his IMDb page here. The man is no slouch.)

The Blog, who has been following Earl's newer posts for about a year, recently jumped back to the beginning of Earl's blog and has been, slowly, catching up.

Okay, The Blog isn't even close to "catching up." He is still working his way through Earl's first year of posts, 2008.

The PC didn't even have a Facebook page in 2008, let alone a blog.

The post I read today is attributed to Earl's occasional, fictional alter-ego, "Uncle Grumpy."

(HOLY SHIT! The PC has managed to plagiarize a character that he didn't know existed until more than a year after he started blogging! Great minds? Or can I just not catch a break?)

The post is from October 2008, and makes a point very similar to the point that The Blog tried to make about the legal system, a few nights ago.

Go. Read. Enjoy.

One last thing...

Attention Anthony Wiener...

The PC thought that you were a great senator. He thinks you would be a terrific mayor of New York.

But, for the love of God, stop with the Twit pics.

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