Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Last George Zimmerman Rant: Part 1.5

Sometimes your Old Uncle PC starts writing a post that he thinks is going to be a pretty simple, straightforward, from the gut rant about whatever is bugging him at the moment.

Then he makes a big mistake.

He decides that the subject of the rant might just be important enough to require...


Looking for actual facts, links to stories, corroborating stories, graphics and so on.

And with each newfound bit of material that The Blog uncovers, he finds more than he was looking for. Which leads to more research.

And before The Blog knows it, what should have been an easy 45 minutes of late night, scotch and nicotine fueled spleen venting, morphs into a whole week of obsessive information gathering.

And all of that happens before The Blog can sort it all into the final form of an informative and, hopefully, entertaining blog post.

And sort, I must.

Right now, The PC's Mac desktop looks something like...

                                                  J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" outlines.

Or a "murder board" from you favorite detective show.

"Castle," "Rizzoli & Isles," "Elementary," "Major Crimes," etc. Pick one or all of them.


Yeah. The "murder board" seems a more apt analogy, here.

Because the more complicated it becomes, the more patterns that emerge, the more disturbing it all becomes.

Which is definitely the case at this moment.

And this is where the whole "therapy" thing that is the main reason that The Blog started blogging, comes into play...

The fact is, until I get it all sorted out and committed to a final post, all of this shit is just going to keep rattling around in my head, during my every waking hour.

My therapist friend, (I don't have a therapist. I have a friend who is a therapist. And whether I like it or not, she therapises me, at no charge, at any given opportunity,) tells me that this is a mild form of OCD.

The PC is not a germaphobe. His desk is a mess and there are dirty dishes in his sink, as I write this. Crooked pictures on walls bug me, but my the walls of my house are full of them. I cope.

The Blog's compulsion is the need to get the shit that drives him crazy, out of his head.

Now, I hear what you are thinking.

You are thinking...

'Uncle PC. In the past you have promised posts about everything ranging from why you love certain television shows to why rich people aren't like the rest of us. But you have left us hanging. What's up with that?"

Good question.

And here is a good answer.

All of those things are still in my head. Banging against The Blog's skull, yearning to be free.

And you can bet that The Blog will get there.

Sooner or later.

Because that is his compulsion.

Which brings us full circle.

During the last few nights, as The Blog has done the research for his final rant about the Zimmerman/Martin case, the whole damned thing has collided, head on, with the topic of "why the rich are not like us."

It's complicated. (As they say on Facebook.)

But, as my rural friends and family like to say, "God willing and if the creek don't rise," in another night or two, The Blog won't just address his thoughts about the Zimmerman case, he will "kill two birds with one stone" and finally get around to airing his "rich people" issues.

In the meantime, just to make it all easier on The Blog...

I'm going to assign some homework.

Go check out the following links. 

Five Facts About George Zimmerman.

Martin Bashier on MSNBC.

John McCain on "Stand Your Ground" laws.


The Right-Wing Response to Pres. Obama's Response


The Naive Conservative Conversation

Those stories should get you primed for "Part Two."

Keep them in mind when "Part Two" posts.

There won't be a pop quiz. But, pretend that there will be.

Once we get all of that out of the way...

The Blog will be able to breath a sigh of relief and spend a few nights talking about "Once Upon a Time," "Elementary," and "Bates Motel."

You know. Fun shit that doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things.

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