Monday, July 29, 2013

Playing Whack-A-Mole


The Blog wanted to have put a fork in his whole Zimmerman verdict rant, by now.

But, because of his whole, "I'm going to research the shit out of this before I post it," thing, getting there has been like playing a great big game of "Whack-A-Mole."

Every night, more stories. More links to pertinent information. And enough new stuff that is peripheral to the story, if not directly linked.

Like tonight.

It seems that the Klu Klux Klan has decided to go all Neighborhood Watch in [insert sarcasm font here] "dangerous suburban communities" all over America.

Because, why should George Zimmerman have all the fun?

Check out this report about one such community.

(Thanks to for sharing.)

(Sorry about the commercial for a giant, multi-national, corporate, bank before the video starts. Just get through it. The story is worth it.)

I'll be here when you get back.

Okay, first...

Let me just say that The Blog is [insert sarcasm font, again] every bit as shocked as the citizens interviewed in the video to learn that the KKK is active in Oak Ridge, TN.

[end sarcasm font]

But, it's not just Oak Ridge.

Take a minute and Google "KKK Neighborhood Watch."

Did you do that?

"About 485,000 results," as of this writing.


Stories from all over the country.

Mostly the south and mid-west.

And did you notice that an alarming number of those Google hits, just in the top couple of pages, are positive stories from the usual gang of right-wing and "Christian" web sites?

That's right.

World Net Daily, aka:, those fine folks [sarcasm font, but you know that by now] who made their bones perpetuating the anti-Obama "birther" conspiracy, are totally okay with the KKK patrolling the streets of suburbia.

Just an observation...

Take a look at the graphic of a flier that The PC chose for this post. Then, remember the fliers in the video.

The Blog lives in a neighborhood that has a legitimate Neighborhood Watch.

When that watch distributes a newsletter, they tuck it in the screen door of The Blog's house or if the gate is closed and the BlogDog is out, they tuck it into the gate.

The same goes for ads for lawn and tree services, remodelers, local Italian and Chinese restaurants, real estate agents and other legitimate businesses.

And, they are distributed during the day.

The thing that these KKK fliers seem to have in common is this...

They are tucked into a Baggie™ with a handful of rocks, so they can be tossed into yards, with some accuracy, from a moving vehicle.

(The Blog is assuming a pick-up truck, but that may be an unfair stereotype.)

And, according to reports, in the dead of night.

Just what we need.

A bunch of secretive, historically violent, racist, vigilante, yahoos patrolling our neighborhoods.

"So (we) can sleep tonight."

What could possibly go wrong?


The Blog wonders what will pop up tomorrow.

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