Tuesday, July 30, 2013


*The following rant will be irrelevant to you if you don't  live in Los Angeles, New York City or Chicago. But, you're welcome to hang out, anyway.*

For the last couple of weeks, Time Warner Cable has been in contract negotiations with CBS Networks for the broadcast rights in TWC's largest markets.

This sort of thing goes on between every cable provider and every network, every time  re-negotiation time comes around.

With very few exceptions, by the eleventh hour, the weaker of the two sides caves and a deal is struck. It's business as usual in the broadcast/cable trade.

But, a little over a week ago, both sides of the TWC/CBS negotiations were taken to the public.

And, when a relationship battle goes public, it gets ugly.

(See "Kim Basinger v. Alec Baldwin," "Katy Perry v. Russell Brand," "Minnie Driver v. Matt Damon," or "Taylor Swift v. Half of Hollywood's male population.")

A little over a week ago, CBS began airing commercial spots warning their viewers that TWC was "holding [CBS programing] hostage." At the same time TWC began airing spots (on any non-CBS network in it's system,) accusing CBS of the same thing.

It's not without precedent. About a year ago, a similar PR war erupted between TWC and Comcast (NBC/Universal networks.) But, at the last moment, a compromise was attained and all was well.

The thing is that this whole battle is a ludicrous game of corporate chicken.

It is so insane that The Blog is afraid that the House Republicans may be taking notes.

The fact is, not coming to some sort of compromise is a lose/lose proposition that neither side, (unless one or the other has completely lost their minds,) will ever allow to happen.

Time Warner Cable, (America's largest cable provider,) and CBS Networks, (America's #1 broadcast network, as well as CBS owned networks like Showtime, Nickelodeon, MTV and VH1 are no slouches, either,) desperately need each other to survive.  


When both of these gigantic, multi-national, mega-corporations point fingers at each other and call the other "greedy..."


That qualifies the whole battle for the cover story of this month's edition of "Pot & Kettle" magazine.

*End Digression*

So, where does everything stand now? 

 That is an excellent question! (Thank you for asking.)

Last night was supposed to be the deadline for negotiations.

Last night, at 9:00 PM EDT, TWC announced that they were dropping CBS Networks.

And, before the clock struck 10:00 PM EDT, TWC changed their minds, and re-opened negotiations.

The ad spots are still running on both sides.

But, who the fuck are either of them kidding?

A deal will be made.

Because neither side can afford the alternative.

So, again, who are they kidding?

*Full Disclosure*

About 90% of The PC's annual income comes from CBS Television. So, he has some skin in the game.

But, more importantly...

About 80% of the television Mrs. Blog watches is on CBS. And we get CBS via TWC.

(Me? I'm mostly concerned about getting my "The Big Bang Theory" and "Under the Dome.)


And, BTW, TWC...

I have, right next to me, my TWC cable bill for this month, for about $100.00.

So, get your shit together, both of you!  

                                                              Or, I'll shoot this dog.

 If you get my drift.

Settle this nonsense.

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