Thursday, August 1, 2013

This is a Riot

A couple dozen teenage flash-mobsters vandalize and loot Hollywood and Beverly Hills business areas during otherwise peaceful rallies following the Zimmerman verdict. And "conservatives" call it a riot.

                                                                          Like so.


"Bashing his head in?"


Here is a photo of the back of Zimmerman's head after the incident.

So, do those cuts and scratches look like a "head bashing" to anyone?

A "head bashing" that warranted putting bullets into an unarmed teen?


The PC sustains this sort of damage to his cabasa every time he trims the bougainvillea in his backyard, or the "killer palm trees" in his front yard.

The Blog can say a lot of things about George Zimmerman.

And, very soon, he will.

Until then, this...

George Zimmerman is a fucking pussy... with a gun.

But, back to the topic of riots...

To paraphrase "Crocodile Dundee..."

That's not a riot.

THIS is a riot.

In lily white, Republican municipality, Huntington Beach, California.

Watch the video closely.

Not a brown face or hoodie in sight.

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