Saturday, August 31, 2013

Damned If He Does, Damned If He Doesn't

                                           Tonight, The Blog "shared" this cartoon on Facebook.

A "conservative" friend responded quickly and thusly...

And, I responded...

Pay close attention, John.

Obama has disappointed me on numerous subjects.

In the spirit of "reaching across the aisle," he has become a doormat for the right-wing.

A noble effort, but one that he should have given up years ago.

I am disappointed that he caved to the right on health insurance reform. Taking "single payer" and "universal" healthcare off the table was a betrayal. The AFA is a right-wing, Heritage Foundation bill. Always was. Conservatives seem to have forgotten that.

Because, if Obama is for it, the right-wing is against it. Even if it was their own idea.

But, it's a start, and better than nothing.

And, in the case of Syria, as Obama has taken us to the eve of extricating ourselves  from both of Dubbya's illegal and insane wars, he gets all hawkish. Because, as this post points out, he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

Convince me that I am wrong about that.

The first time I voted for Obama, it was the first time, in my adult life, that I voted "for" a presidential candidate, instead of voting against a candidate that I could not support.

I was raised as an Eisenhower Republican. (My dad is a life-long Democrat, but kept his mouth shut at home for the sake of peace.) When I came of voting age, I registered as a Republican. And then, they nominated Ronald Reagan. I voted for John Anderson (Even though I knew he didn't stand a chance,) because I could not vote, in good conscience, for Reagan or Carter.

Today, both my mom and dad are outspoken liberals who vote Democratic.

To paraphrase RR, my mom didn't leave the party, the party left her.
I would have been okay with the 2000 version of John McCain. But, McCain v.2.0 aka: McCain/Palin was a horrifying option. The "maverick" McCain sold out to the far right.
There is no way I would ever support that ticket.

And, I would not and will never support a Bush.

You say that your "hardcore liberal friends have finally had enough." Some of your liberal friends are, also, mine. When they say they have, "had enough," it doesn't mean that they have suddenly become Ayn Rand, tea-baggers. It means that they are doubling down on supporting true progressive, liberals and, like me, are disappointed in Obama's capitulating to the far right.

But, until the next election, he is all that we have got.

I'm looking forward to a trouncing of Tea Party conservatives in 2014.

Maybe then, the POTUS will grow a pair and get some shit done.

Meanwhile, you seem to take great pleasure in criticizing my opinions, without offering any actual facts. I have already hit the "plonk" button on your boy Dan D. because he crossed a serious line with me and I will not put up with his shit any longer. Are you going to be next? 

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