Thursday, August 29, 2013

Random Sh*t: 8/29/13 Edition

                                                              Ernest Hemingway said...

"Write drunk. Proofread sober."

At least, I think it was Ernest Hemingway. It might have been his forgotten brother, Sidney Hemingway.

Or someone else all together.

Feel free to Google it yourselves. I can't be bothered.

Full disclosure... Some of my best posts have been written while under the influence of moderately priced scotch.

And while scotch was involved in last night's post, it was not one of my best.

Oh, it started out okay.

A love letter to the satire magazines of my youth.

Followed by a glowing endorsement of my new favorite satire web site.

But, somewhere around the last third of the post, it all went balls up.

The post degenerated into utter gibberish, unforgivable typos and a link that wasn't linked to.

When I re-read the post this morning, my only thought was...

"Holy Shit! I must have been totally plowed, last night!"

Because, "What the fuck was that?"

Which is funny, because I functioned well, today. Hangover free.

But, my bottle of "Scoresby Very Rare" scotch,

So "rare" that is resides in a plastic, gallon jug...

Which makes it the whiskey equivalent of box wine...

Was nearly empty, tonight.

Which leads your Uncle Blog to conclude that, yes, he drank way too much, last night.

I thought about leaving the post be, to stand as a cautionary reminder of what can happen when one blogs under the influence.

But, The PC is a Virgo.

And, while we Virgos don't believe in astrology, my superstitious friends who do believe that the position of the stars and planets on the date of our births have any baring on our personality traits, will tell you that, as a Virgo, I cannot let imperfection slide by.

And, for better or worse, they are correct.

I went back and edited last night's post.

It's still not my best post, by a long shot, but it's better than it was last night.


How about some good news, for a change?

A while back, The Blog posted about his morning spent with Valerie Harper.

At the time, Valerie had been given a prognosis of three or four months to live.

A rare brain cancer, you know?

The PC got pretty emotional about it.

But, six months later, "America's Girlfriend" is not only still alive and kicking...

She is starring in a new TV movie and, rumor has it, is one of the newest contestants on "Dancing With the Stars."

Her doc has told the media that Valerie's cancer is, virtually, in remission.

He says that the cancer is still terminal. Not a question of "if" but "when."

But, she is still keeping on keeping on.

At this point, it seems realistic that Valerie will live long enough to celebrate Christmas.

Which is good, no, great news.


While the world is full of strife and shit...

Fast food employees are, rightfully, striking for higher wages...

We may be on the verge of war with Syria...

And, what the fuck is Mylie Cyrus' damage?

The serious question is this....

Henry Cavil vs. Ben Affleck in "Superman vs. Batman."

                                                       This graphic gave me a chuckle.

What is going to happen here?

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