Thursday, August 15, 2013

Real Americans

It has been a while since The Blog had a really choice bumper sticker to share with you. But, I ran across this little number the other day, attached to the back of a big-ass pick-up truck.

(Why are they always on pick-up trucks?)

Oh, snap!

Right-wing humor at it's best.

And we are breaking it down...

First, set up a bullshit, straw-man assertion...

"Liberals are offended by the display of the American flag."

Okay, how many liberals, out there, are offended by the flag?  Let me see a show of left hands.


Next, follow it up with a hip, witty, modern variation of the old school right-wing battle cry...

Ironically, it seems like it's the right-wing that doesn't like today's America, what with it's government regulations and taxes and such.

The Blog humbly suggests that there are a few countries that the wing-nuts might prefer to live in.

Countries with no taxes, no regulations, no government backed infra-structure or social services.

                                                              Somalia comes to mind.

In case you think I am playing the victim card by assuming that this sticker's message is aimed at liberals...

Take a close look at the fine print on the bottom, left hand corner of the sticker.

It is so small that The PC didn't notice it until he uploaded the photo to his Mac™.

It's hard to read. So allow The PC to transcribe it, here...

"For you liberal idjots (sic) out there, this is not a real phone number."
 Thank you, kind tea-bagger, for explaining your subtle and nuanced satire.

As a liberal "idjiot," I might have tried to call that 15 digit phone number.

And why "idjiot?" Why not embrace actual, literate English?

Are you intentionally broadcasting the redness of your neck, by eschewing proper spelling as elitist  academia?

If that is the case...

Well, played Sir. You sure showed us.

Finally, commit your witty riposte to a bumper sticker, probably screen-printed in a downtown Los Angels sweatshop by an undocumented, Mexican immigrant, piecework, wage slave. Then slap it on the bumper of your gas guzzling truck.

That is The PC's long answer to this "real American."

Here is the short answer...

"No, ass-hat. Your flag does not offend me. The chip on your shoulder does."


Speaking of "real Americans..."

The Blog is less than 48 hours away from attending a performance by his favorite lefty, political satirist, folk singer. Roy Zimmerman.

Roy has got your "Real America," right here.

The PC is counting the minutes.

Mrs. Blog and I have seen him perform, before.

On Saturday night, The Blog's youngest sister and her husband are taking us to see him in their neighborhood.

A double date, if you will.

So, tonight, in anticipation of that show...

The PC is going to back the satire truck up, and share an ass-load of Roy's YouTube™ videos with you, tonight.


"Eine Kleine Barackmusik"


"2nd Amendment Sing-A-Long"


And, one of his few, totally, non-political numbers...

"What If The Beatles Were Irish."

The Blog is saving Roy's best for last.

Wave your Bic lighters (or cell phone lighter apps) in the air for tomorrow night's Roy Zimmerman encore.

See you then.

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