Sunday, August 11, 2013

Roy Zimmerman and Other Diversions

After an insanely long day at work, shooting a pilot for a possible, future talk show...

The Blog and his Mrs. Blog will spend tomorrow...

(No! Wait! It's 1:30 AM. So I guess I mean, today.)

...camped out at Manhattan Beach, CA's beautiful Pollywog Park.

Every summer, from July through August, the city of Manhattan Beach hosts a free concert in the park on Sundays.

The concerts start at 5:00 PM. But, if you want a decent seat for the show, figure on staking your claim around 11:00 AM.

It is a great excuse to, totally, waste a Sunday doing pretty much nothing, except read a book, play Scrabble™, snack on cheese and crackers and drink wine.

This evening... A Beatles tribute band, "A Hard Day's Night."

And, next Saturday night, thanks to The Blog Sister, an evening with The Blog's official, lefty, folk singing, political satirist...

                                                                       Roy Zimmerman.

And, in anticipation of that, The Blog will spend the next couple of nights sharing some of his favorite RZ YouTube™ videos.

Tonight, let's begin with a classic...

...A spot on commentary about "traditional, biblical marriage..."

It is also, technically, astounding.

Roy shifts between two vocal sounds so smoothly that it seems like he is overlapping on himself. Which is not, humanly, possible.

But, here you go.

Roy Zimmerman sings, "I Want a Marriage Like They Had in the Bible."


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