Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Without a Hint of Irony

Suspended "Chief" Mark Kessler calls "Eric" (Holder, I presume,) a "flaming libtard." He calls "Eric" a "tyrant" who likes to "strong arm" and "threaten" people.

He waves his big guns and tiny penis at a gub'nit official.

In this new video.

Without a hint of irony.

Around the 4.30 mark, Cheese and Rice, Got all muddy, Mr. Kessler, learn to fucking edit.

When he gets past his minute or so of dead air, he proceeds shoot the shit out of the target he calls "Eric."

The fact that Mr. Kessler has not been fired from his job to "protect and serve," and has not been whisked away to Gitmo...

And, oh my fucking God, again, at 8.00,

What an idiot!

Thoroughly debunks his own paranoid fantasy.

Kessler keeps his job, albeit, under suspension...

His first and second ammendment rights go unchallenged.

"Chief" Kessler is a frightening psychopath who should be relieved of his duties, permanently.

And, for the love of God, he needs to be taken off of the grid.

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