Friday, August 16, 2013

The Truth is Out There

Have you ever seen a magic trick that just blew your mind? Something so amazing that it seemed impossible? A trick so amazing that it haunted you for years?

And then, one day, someone shows you how it was done?

And you think, "Shit. Is that all?"

And, instead of feeling elated to have, finally, learned the secret...

You feel sad and disappointed, and maybe, even a little bit of resentment towards the magical whistle-blower for stealing that little bit of wonder from you.

The Blog knows about this, first hand.

Many years ago, I won a bet with the guy who designed David Copperfield's greatest illusion.

                                                 Making the Statue of Liberty disappear.

You see, as a recovering magician, I had the trick figured out, mostly. But, I knew that I was missing one crucial piece of the puzzle.

So, when I was introduced to the evil genius who came up with the stunt, I was compelled to pick his brain.

Of course, he was not about to explain it to me.

But, he offered a bet.

(Big mistake. HUGE! The PC is not, by nature, a betting man. So, when he takes a bet, it is because he knows that he has already won.)

"Tell me what you think you know," he said. "If you have figured out every step but one, and no more than one... And you are right about all of those steps... I will fill in the blank."

As I said, I won the bet.

I got the piece I was looking for.

And I thought, "Shit. Is that all?"

The missing piece was so simple and so obvious, that I may have actually slapped my head.

To be honest, the illusion was so cool, so well executed, that even knowing how it was done, I still harbor a bit of awe for it's, well, awesomeness.

And, no. I am not going to tell you how it was done.

If you feel a compelling need to know...

A decade after The PC learned the secret, a thing called the internet came along. And then came Google.

The truth is out there, if you feel the need to find it.

And that is all I have to say about that.

So what's my point?

Oh. Right!

The world is full of mysteries that fuel our imaginations and tease our sense of wonder.

                                                       Bigfoot, Nessie, El Chupacabra.

And, Liberal Republicans.

In our guts, we know that these are merely legends.

But, we also know, that without proof, pro or con, even the most skeptical among us can entertain and enjoy the fantasy that they may, possibly, be real.

And then, there is the topic of...

                                                            Extraterrestrial Aliens

Which brings us to today's news.

A whole pile of news sources, like this one, are reporting that the CIA has declassified the formerly "Top Secret" documents regarding the Air Force base known as Area 51.

Area 51 has long been the subject of conspiracy minded speculation, as the place where the government has been secretly storing the remains of a "flying saucer" mishap.

The, newly, declassified documents reveal that Area 51 was the secret testing grounds for the government spy planes, U-2 and OXCART.

"Shit. Is that all?"


Maybe that's just what they want us to believe.

*Cue the "X-Files" theme*


Apropos of nothing above...

(But counting the hours until his show in Newbury Park, CA.)

Two more numbers...

Two of The Blog's favorites...

From the Clark Kent of folk music...

Roy Zimmerman.
"This Machine."


"Hope, Struggle and Change."

The Blog has shared these before. But they bare re-sharing.


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