Monday, August 12, 2013


Gather close and listen carefully. The Blog has a secret to share with you.

I will be speaking in code. No names. No specifics.

You're all smart people. You'll figure it out.

No, the NSA isn't spying on us. Get over it. But, a couple of other three letter words have been waging a cold war against each other, (read back a few posts,) and it seems that they have been using search engines to figure out what we are playing at.

The PC told you, a few nights ago, how to access a certain place to catch up with certain things. 24 hours later, *poof* "access denied."

Now The Blog doesn't really believe that he was the leak that they found. But, maybe one of them.

So, I'm trying to make this post a little bit google-proof.

*Just to catch you up...*

The one giant company that promised to send a tech guy to fix our little problem arrived as promised. Then, no surprise, told us there was nothing he could do. We would have to go buy some new equipment from another source and fix it ourselves.

*More customer no service.*

Now, come closer.

If you are having the same problem that we are, The PC has found a new fix. At least, for now.

The Blog has found another web thingie that will get you to the place you want to go.

I'm not going to post a link. I'm not even going to type the URL as text.

Instead, The Blog is going to play their game and show you an image that will tell you where to go.

You know what to do from here.

I can't guarantee that they won't catch on. But as of 10:00 PM tonight, it did the trick.


Speaking of the NSA, here is tonight's ditty from the official, lefty, blah, blah, blah of The PC Blog, Roy Zimmerman.

"Hello, NSA."

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