Monday, June 3, 2013

And Now For Something Sort of Different

A new YouTube™ video is making the rounds.

The Blog first saw it via his daily email from tech Goddess Kim Komando.

It is a video demonstrating an architectural illusion that can be found at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Officially known as The Penrose Stairs, but referred to in the video, appropriately as "The Escherian Stairwell," it is a stairwell that defies physical logic.

You can watch the video here. 

While Kim claims to have caught the trick fairly quickly, The PC watched the vid several times and has to confess that he was stumped.

I had planned to ask you, my blogglitts, if you could figure it out.

But, while searching for the above, classic M.C. Escher drawing, The Blog stumbled across the specs for the R.I.T. stairwell illusion.

Simple (as most illusions tend to be) but, still mind blowing.

Being an old school magician, The Blog isn't going to reveal the secret.

At least, not tonight.

Watch the video.

Then, watch it again.

And again.

No cheating, now.

If you steer clear of Google and post your theories in the comments section, your Uncle PC will explain it all for you tomorrow night. 


After a rather long absence from the blogosphere, following a couple of viral bouts of batshittery, The PC's favorite, home town, right-wing blogger, Kathleen O'Brien Wilhelm, has reappeared over at the Avon/Avon Lake Patch.

God Damn! I have missed you Kathleen! So glad to see you back!

But, the erstwhile Ms. Wilhelm seems to have traded in her usual articulate, if wrong headed, and sometimes plagiaristic rants, for a short and sweet round of right-wing, intellectual masturbation.

You know that The Blog hates directing traffic to her ignorant, idiotic, toxic spew.

But, if you must, you can read her post here. 

The PC will save you the trouble and share a screen capture of her latest conservative orgasm right here.

Kathleen O'Brien Wilhelm, you are the most entertainingly ignorant, right-wing, bomb thrower that The Blog has ever encountered.

And The PC knows Ann Coulter, personally.

So, don't be a stranger!

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