Friday, June 7, 2013


Last night, a conservative FOTB posted the above on Facebook.

The Blog and his friend rarely agree on anything, politically.

But, in this occasion, we are on the same page.

Here is what followed in the comments...

Did you get all of that?


Here is the PC's response to that thread...

I come from a family of teachers. My Mom was a teacher. All three of my sisters are or have been teachers. My wife is a teacher, and my son is getting his teaching degree.

Teachers do not work 9 months a year. They work 12 months a year. They are paid for 9 months. And, as Terry points out, they are paid for 8 hour days, even though they bring their work home with them, every day and every weekend. Today was my wife's last day of the school year. Tomorrow, the real work starts. Prepping for next year will take up most of her "vacation." And do you know what else? This is my least favorite time of year, because for the next three months, I will be working a "second job" (for no compensation) helping her prep and putting up with a house full of boxes of teaching materials that the school has no room to store. As I write this, I am printing worksheets and learning games for next year.

Which brings me to another fact. A good half of my wife's annual income goes back into her classroom. The stuff I am printing right now... paper and ink (never mind my time) all paid for "out of pocket." And it's gotten worse as budgets have been whittled to the bare bones. Basic supplies, field trips, (the cost of renting a bus for said field trips,) even paper towels, hand soap and toilet paper for the restrooms... paid for by us.

I respect your attempt to defend your friend, (as you have often defended me,) But, I cannot think of a reason that he would make his comments, other than to disrespect and demean the profession. It is fashionable, these days, to demonize teachers. So, what should I make of his dismissive comments?

BTW... For the last five years, after my wife teaches for 8 hours, she spends 3 and a half hours, four days a week, hooked up to a dialysis machine. Because she contracted a virus from a student that destroyed her kidneys. Against the advice of her doctors, she has refused to give up and take disability. She teaches because that is what she does.

So, excuse me, if my knee jerks a little, when someone disrespects a teacher.

Thanks to my friends for providing me with tonight's blog post. 

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  1. How did I miss this column? LOVE it!!!! As one of the former teachers you mentioned above, THANK YOU!!!!

    I also spent my summers preparing for the following year. I spent every afternoon and evening during the working year finishing the day's work (grading papers, communicating with parents, etc.) and prepping for the following day (at least one day of each weekend was devoted to planning a prepping the following week/s).

    I gave up teaching because I wanted my own kids. I know some people can juggle kids and teaching at the same time, but given how much time I put into it (especially as a special-needs teacher who often had to create her own curricula - usually a separate one for each child), I felt that to try to do both at once would be a disservice to ALL the children involved.

    And yes, much of my paycheck went back into my classroom. Good teachers love their kids and because if we didn't use our own money, those kids' learning experiences would be greatly diminished. This country needs to get it's priorities straight.

    And your wife is a superhero and most sidekicks don't hold down their own full-time jobs as well, so you're a superhero, too.

    So there.

    And thank you.