Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Batman Day

Today is July 23, "Batman Day," celebrating the 75th birthday of The Caped Crusader.

But, why July 23?

Batman made his debut in "Detective Comics" #27. The cover states that it is the May issue. And, do to the quirks of comic book distribution, that means it probably hit the stands sometime in February or March.

So, again, why July 23?

Because, according to a DC Comics spokesman, since The Dark Knight's actual birthday is kind of fuzzy anyway, why not make "Batman Day" coincide with the opening day of the San Diego Comic-Con?

Makes sense. Why not?

Maybe I am reaching here. But, I am detecting an historical parallel.

(I know. This is going to sound like I am stoned. I swear I am not. I have not partaken of the herb in decades. But, it would be fair to assume that I have a dram or two of moderately priced scotch in my system.)

The actual birth date of Jesus is unknown. Most Biblical scholars believe that he was born sometime between April and August.

But, when the pagan Emperor Constantine decided to organize Christianity into a thing that was, well, organized, he and his crew of advisors felt that the masses would be more accepting of new holidays if they coincided with established pagan celebrations.

Therefore, the official birthday of Jesus Christ was assigned to the winter solstice.

So there you go.

Are you seeing what I am seeing here?

Happy Batman Day, everyone!

And those of you who were lucky enough to score tickets...

Happy Comic-Con! Grab some swag for me, if you can.

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