Friday, July 11, 2014

How New York City Am I? How New York City R U?

Go ahead and take the test.

I'll be here when you get back.

Your Blog is 41% NYC. Only surprised that I am that NYC.

"You don't belong in this city. Just take the Statue of Liberty tour and GTFO. And quit walking so damn slow, too!"
Your Blog has visited NYC three times in his life.

Always on business. Always at a four star hotel. (I would rather stay at Motel 6 then ever spend another night at Trump Tower. Give me the St. Regis, thank you very much.) Always with a driver at my disposal. (Seriously? We've been driving for 20 minutes and we have only gone around the block to point ourselves in the right direction?) 

I have never seen the Statue of Liberty, except from the air. I have only seen the Empire State Building from a distance. The first time I was there, I saw the WTC from a distance. The next time I was there, it wasn't.

I like Central Park, except that it covers more square miles than the city I live in. Nobody told me that when I went searching for the Alice in Wonderland statues. I should have packed a lunch. And dinner. And a compass.

Here's a crazy story.

I have used the services of NYC taxi cabs three times.

Twice, about eight years apart, I got the same cabbie.

I know this because, cabbie #1, upon learning that I am a make-up artist, launched into a story about how, in his pre-cabbie days, he was the "go-to" hairstylist, in the disco days, with a salon next door to "Studio 54."

Eight years later, I flagged a cab outside of a warehouse in some godforsaken part of town that was the site of the Spike TV "up fronts" party, and cabbie #2 told me the exact same story.

What are the odds?

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