Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Binders Full of Women

"A lie can run around the world before the truth can get its boots on."
Variations of the above quotation can be found, in a matter of seconds, accredited to a number of people.

The Blog was reminded of the quote last night, as the second Presidential debate was winding down.

But, probably not for the reasons you might guess.

Because, whether it was an Irish proverb, the quip of a Scottish poet, or a bon mot from Mark Twain, it seems to The Blog that the idea has moved past "quaint" to become archaic.

Lie or truth, gossip or enlightened thought, cute kitty pics...

                                                      ...or staged political photo ops...

...have pushed the envelope of our artificial time construct, moving at speeds that would make Einstein's head spin.

Because we now live in the era of the "internet meme."

Let me choose one point from last night's debate.

And the winner is...

Romney's "binders full of women" comment.

The PC could do a whole post about Willard's tone deaf comments about women in the workplace. Or, the fact that after two decades in business, Mitt didn't know any qualified women or where to find them. Or, his claim that his recruiting efforts included the "flexibility" to allow women to "get home in time to cook dinner."


The Blog is almost inclined to give Mittens credit for using the term "women" rather than "gals."

And, on top of all that, it turns out that as laughable as his whole "binders of women" anecdote is, it is also...  untrue.

You can read up on it here. And, if you don't like The Huffington Post as a source, feel free to use your favorite search engine. There are plenty of others.

But, back to the subject of memes and speed and time...

Guess what the following memes have in common, aside from being dedicated to Romney's "binder" comment....

Not obvious?

Well, get this!

Your ever vigilant PC collected every one of those up, within an hour of the end of the debates! In fact, several of them hit the social media BEFORE the debate was even over!

Think about that!

In less time that it would take The Blog to boot up his somewhat antique Mac G5 and open Photoshop, these graphics were already being circulated on Facebook and Twitter.

That's faster than Felix Baumgartner's plummet to the earth!

It makes The Curmudgeon dizzy just thinking about it!

And, if that wasn't enough...

Within 90 seconds after the debate's end, had been established and was filled with content within two hours.

The Blog's ears just popped!

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