Saturday, October 13, 2012

Making Fun of a Retarded Child...

Many years ago, Stephen King wrote, "Calling 'Plan 9 From Outerspace' the worst movie ever made is like making fun of a retarded child." (He wrote that some years before the word retarded was replaced by more medically accurate terms, so we will cut him some slack, here.)

I think of that quotation every time I see some aggressively ignorant right-winger, like this one, avoid the opportunity to explain their position.

It's funny and easy to make fun of. But, ultimately, it is sad and makes anyone with a conscience feel bad for laughing.

1 comment:

  1. The text of the "exchange" was so cringe worthy, I'm choosing not to watch the video - I simply can't stomach it.

    The thing about the people who think like this woman is, "What's their excuse?" I'm guessing this woman hasn't been diagnosed with developmental delays of any sort. Instead, she's CHOOSING to be ignorant. That's what's so frightening about so, SO many people in this country!