Monday, October 1, 2012

Risk Assessment

The Blog is still being lazy for a few days. Just like Romney's 47%.

For now, The Blog will let the brilliant political cartoonist Jeff Danziger do his job for him.

Thanks Jeff, for succinctly articulating what I have been trying to say for ages!

 We do not resent the wealthy for their success.

We resent them for their disconnect from the majority of Americans who actually work for a living. The ones who actually produce things, build things and provide services for their wages. Rather than those who make their money by playing around with money, on paper. Destroying companies and jobs for their personal profit. Then acting like the victims of those who actually build their riches for them.

We celebrate those who use their wealth to create jobs.

We thank Oprah Winfrey, Costco's Jim Sinegal, Starbucks' Howard Schultz and Amazon's Jeffrey Bezos, and all of the small business owners who take care of the working people who contribute to their riches by doing the actual heavy lifting.

But, we say "Fuck you!" to the vampire capitalists (like Mitt Romney and Bain Capital) and the hedge fund managers, Wall Street bankers and insurance company CEOs who put personal profit before the common good.

To those elitists we say, "Sleep well, while those of us who toil to make you wealthy lie awake at night, wondering how we are going to pay our basic bills."

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