Saturday, June 2, 2012

Answering a Tired Meme (No Humor Here, Tonight. Sorry.)

The following has been making the Facebook rounds for the better part of this year or so.

It began circulating in the run up to the last Republican Congress created debt ceiling debacle, near miss. You may remember. The one where Congressional Republicans were willing to shit-can the good credit of The United States of America  just to make an ideological point?

The game of chicken in which they, ultimately, blinked and raised the ceiling, as Congresses before them had done, without controversy, every year, for the last century?

And, even after they relented and did the right thing, the drama that they stirred up still succeeded in getting the county's credit rating knocked down from AAA to AA-.

Yeah. You remember.

Well, we are fast approaching the next debt ceiling vote and it's deja vu all over again. And, the above meme has resurfaced.

And, talk about bipartisan! The Blog's friends on both sides of the aisle are posting and sharing this!

Right and Left.

Conservative and Liberal.

Republican and Democrat.

Tea-bagger and Occupier.

So, let your old Uncle PC break it down for you.

It is true that, before the last debt ceiling vote, President Obama did indeed suggest that if the ceiling wasn't raised, he would not guarantee that Social Security checks would go out.

And the truth is that the POTUS was, to put it nicely, indulging in a bit of hyperbole. Or, if you prefer I be less "politically correct," he was shoveling bullshit.

The fact is, Social Security and Medicare funds are "sequestered." Debt ceiling raise or not, SS and Medicare can not be touched.

Soldier's pay? Well... that's another story.

So, why would the president, (or as The Blog likes to call him, "Barry,") make such a statement?

It's simple really.

Because the average Social Security and Medicare collecting tea-bag wearing folks don't give two shits about solder's pay. And, they can't even count the number of fucks they don't give about Congress' pay.

The "scare tactic" used by the POTUS was designed solely to grab the attention of the low information, Fox "News" watching masses, smack them into their senses and try to make them understand that not raising the debt ceiling is a very, very bad thing for the country.

Sure, withholding Congress' pay until the mess is worked out is a great goddamn idea! The Blog is totally behind it!

But, who are we kidding? The Congress would have to approve a measure like that. And that ain't happening. They would rather not pay soldiers.

Or... BTW... the Social Security and Medicare staffs.

The people who make sure that those checks go out.

Get it?

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