Friday, June 1, 2012

Bumper Stickers? This Guy Don't Need No Stinking Bumper Stickers!

The Blog has done several posts about the weird-ass bumper stickers that he runs across. It's all in fun. Good for a few laughs.

But, The Blog's bumper sticker collection pales in the presence of this fixture of the Los Angeles South Bay.
Thanks to sheer, dumb luck intensive, investigative journalism, The Blog finally caught this guy's low budget Macy's Parade Float on his crap-cam.
Some call it "Obama Derangement Syndrome." But, the official medical term is, "Bat Shit, Looney Tunes, Whack-a-Doodle."

This freak show didn't merely rise out of the firmament a week after the dark skinned guy with the funny name was elected president.

Oh, no.

During the first decade of the 21st Century, This same truck, complete with the fake (I hope!) missiles poised at the front, displayed pro-Bush, pro-war, anti-Iraq and anti-muslim sentiments.

This anti-Obama version is what we nerdy, super hero action figure collectors call a "repaint."

(For the record, The Blog is pretty, politically informed. But, he has no clue who this "Gary DeLong for Congress" person is. I'm guessing that there are teabags involved.)

The Blog has said it before, and he will say it again.

You have the right, neigh, a responsibility, to stand for whatever ideological position that you like.

But, to make this sort of commitment to that ideology, well, that's just nutzo-cuckoo!

And besides questioning the general mental health of the owner of this vehicle (and his wife. The Blog has seen a woman, as well as the male who usually drives it around, uhm, also driving it around. As The Blog's boss likes to say, "There is a lid  for every pot.") The Blog also wonders about the aerodynamic drag that all of this crap puts on the truck, and how it affects the gas mileage on the vehicle, considering "Obama's failed energy policies."

Really, this is all just one big WTF?!

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