Thursday, June 14, 2012

Class Picnic: Part One

The Blog is going to attend a "Class Picnic" tomorrow.

He would rather not.

40 four-year-olds. About as many parents. Maybe more if dads and grandparents attend. And, that is a good bet.

The Blog has mentioned in past posts that Mrs. Blog teaches a public Pre-K class. In South Central Los Angeles.

But, unlike most field trips, He is not attending because The Mrs. needs an extra adult chaperone.

Nope. He is going because the children's parents are adamant that he should attend.

So, The Blog will be there.

Past experience tells me that I will be moved, touched, and happy that I went.

And, past experience tells me that I will have a lot to write about tomorrow night. On the subject of "the poor," "the working poor," "the recipients of government assistance," "the 'entitled poor,' " and, in a few cases "the illegals."

Tune in tomorrow night.

Because, if you are a member of the "middle class," "upper middle class," or "the wealthy class..."

The Blog is willing to bet that you don't know shit about those people. And I'm going to school you!

Big time!

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