Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dumbf*ckery Interrupted: Part Two

The Blog will return to his "Willful Ignorance" thread in the next night or two.

But, as I write this, the House is passing the nonpartisan bill written and passed by the Senate, designed to walk the U.S. of Merica, back from doing the stupidest thing that the U.S. Congress has ever threatened to do.

What a relief!

We all know that we will go through it all again in January and February.

Be that as it may. The Blog is hopeful that the Repubs and their Teapublican codependents understand that they painted themselves into this corner, and understand that they have done themselves in for 2014.

Rafael "Ted" Cruz thinks that he has successfully hijacked the Republican party.

And, maybe he has.

He has, also, signed the Republican party's death certificate.

Hillary? Elizabeth? Alan?

Who knows.

And no one knows who will run on the Republican ticket.

But, as of tonight, it doesn't look good for them.

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