Monday, October 14, 2013

Of Right Wing Talk and Wooden Legs

The PC is working on a post about the dumbfuckification of a portion of the American voting public. As tends to happen when a post isn't just a spur-of-the-moment, alcohol, nicotine and bile fueled rant, my mind wanders, during the journey, onto parallel and divergent paths.

Last night, the following meme hit the Facebook...

Some who shared it were surprised that the man behind a whole lot of weird-ass music like "Joe's Garage" and "Sheik Yerbouti..."

Not to mention...

"Don't Eat the Yellow Snow..."


...Wrote and produced his daughter's (who he fucking named "Moon Unit,") one hit wonder, decade defining, novelty record, "Valley Girl..."

...could be such an intellectual.

But, he was.

In fact, he spent the last decade of his life, not so much making music, as he did testifying in front of various congressional hearings.

But, his brilliance goes back further than that.

Before there was Fox "News" and Bill O. and Rushbo, Hannity and Beck...

Before Morton Downey, Jr.

                                                                         No relation.

And Wally George.

Whose only positive contribution to society was fathering...

                                                                  Rebecca DeMornay,

The pioneer of right-wing, confrontational television was Joe Pyne.

You can read up on him at the above Wiki link. But being Wiki, and not the Encyclopedia Brittanica, you will have to take the facts with the not so factual.

Pyne liked to pretend that he lost a leg in WWII. Truth be told (and it is, on the Wiki post) that leg was injured in the war, but was lost, years later, to cancer.

If you read far enough along on that post, you will read a version of the story that The Blog has set out to tell.

The Wiki post denies that there is any evidence that this story ever happened.

But, The PC has a friend, who is about to celebrate his 75th birthday, who was in the TV biz back then, and was there, on the set, when it happened.

Pyne, (who hated "hippies") asked Zappa, "So, you have long hair. Does that make you a woman?"

Without missing a beat, Zappa replied, "You have a wooden leg. Does that make you a table?"

My friend was there and heard it with his own ears. I believe him. So, that happened.

Call this a "preemptive digression."

"God willing and the creek don't rise..."

The Blog will get to his central point tomorrow night.

Catch up with you then.

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