Monday, October 21, 2013

Holy Sh!t. He's Talking About "Carrie," Again

Interesting article from E.W. movie critic Owen Gleiberman about the influence of the original movie adaptation of "Carrie" on his own career path. He calls the new version, "solid, efficient, and therefore essentially pointless."

As I said in an earlier post, and will now repeat...

Not pointless.

The Blog maintains that "Carrie" is not just a movie that can be remade every generation, it should be.


Well, as I pointed out in that earlier post...

Blue tuxedoes and man-perms.

The central premise of "Carrie" is timeless.

Fashion is not.

So, there is that.

The PC has still not seen the new version.

Just the trailers.

Gleiberman describes the opening moments of the original film as...

"...a hallucination — all those teenage girls horsing around in slow motion in a high school locker room, and then pale, freckled Carrie (Sissy Spacek), lost in a private reverie in the shower, caressing her skin and dropping the soap and getting her period for the first time, which makes her think that she’s dying. It’s a completely shocking, horrific sequence..."
And he is correct in his assessment.

But, based on the trailer that I have seen, the new version adds a whole new layer of horror, one that did not exist in 1976, to that horrific scene.


Dozens of them, raised high, recording the whole thing. Carrie's horror and humiliation destined, I'm betting, to be "shared" with the public on the internet.

A horrifying allegory, peculiar to the 21st century.

Teen girls, in today's real world, are fed alcohol, gang-raped, then slut-shamed in the social media.

If no other scene after that one brings anything new to the table, this new version still has a relevance today, that the original never imagined. 

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